A Sleepless Night

Posted May 31, 2010 from Macedonia

It was my housemate who helped me up from the ice. He was holding my shoulders and was leading me to a near room where I could sit. Blood started falling down my cheek from a deep cut above my eyebrow. People started to gather around me, saying that we should call an ambulance, saying that it was serious and that I needed to go to the hospital.

I didn’t feel any pain, just the blood on my face. However, the talk scared me a lot. I started feeling that I could faint, wondering if I were pale. All this time my housemate was standing near to me, worried. I didn’t realise this until I started searching for him with my eyes. I couldn’t see him at first and I was upset because of that. Finally, I saw his face sending me an assuring smile, that everything would be fine. At that moment, I started losing my breath, needing more and more air. At that very moment, he instantly came to me and took my hand.

He was holding my hand, saying that everything would be all right. I remember all this like it were a dream. Nevertheless, there is no way I would ever forget how tightly I was holding his hand. I definitely needed that, to make me strong, and to catch my breath. My hold on his hand was getting stronger and stronger, feeling his presence next to me was necessary.

After a while, I felt better. The ambulance came; my housemate and another dear friend of mine came with me to the hospital. He held my hand and kept me in his arms all the time.

All this happened in a foreign country and I didn’t have any close people around me, so it was nice to know that there was someone for me that night. He stayed with me till I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep all night long. I wished I could have held his hand during the night, but asking for that would’ve been too much. He had already done more than enough for me.

A few weeks later and he wasn’t my housemate anymore, but my boyfriend. I loved holding his hand.

My Story: Holding Hands

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  • Pooja Agrawal
    May 31, 2010
    May 31, 2010

    Through out reading the story, there was a smile on my face. The most intresting part was the ending.amazing. while reading i somehow got the clue that you liked him as u was repeatedly saying that u liked holding his hand. I loved the way you wrote.I am happy how he helped you and u felt better. This shows the strength of the holding hand.It has so much of power. even if somebody unknown comes to us and pass a smile or hold hand, it creates a different feeling, an unusual one.It feels so good to know that there are people around us who really care for us and support us. we dont feel alone. It gives us peace in our mind when we realize there there is someone who really loves you a lot and who means everything to you. I think i m going out of track but these are just some random thougts.

    I am happy for both of you. i wish you both all the happiness in the world and strenthgen your relationship in such a way that no one can break it,

    Keep writing Peace pooza

  • Smiley
    May 31, 2010
    May 31, 2010

    Thanks for your nice comment and the wonderful wishes :) It was really inspiring to keep writing :)

    Take care.

  • Katie McDonald
    Jun 08, 2010
    Jun 08, 2010

    Hey Smiley,

    I'm glad it worked out. Seeing how someone deals with adversity and is able to support you at the start of a relationship is a great insight.


  • Rebecca Snavely
    Jun 16, 2010
    Jun 16, 2010

    I too had a "feeling" reading the start of your story that this person might be more than a housemate now. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to have someone there to steady us with a strong hand when we are scared, facing the unknown.