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A vision board is a great way to keep motivated & focussed on your goals & dreams. And they're fun to make!

First, collect pictures, quotes, photographs, words, art/sketches, material, ribbon, cards, - anything that inspires you or makes you smile.

Next, find a place to stick all of the things you collected. You can use a notice board, mirror, notebook, wall, or even your fridge - anywhere that you look at everyday.

Be creative! I used stick-on hooks & thin rope to create a clothes-line along the back wall of my lounge room, then used pegs & blue-tak to attach the pictures etc that I collected. I also attached fake flowers to my vision wall, to make it look extra pretty :)

I have attached a photo of my vision wall, don't mind the mess on my crafts table! :)

I love to paint, so I thought I could incorporate the idea of a vision board with my artwork. I just finished a self-portrait, called 'The Flower Child', I have attached it to this post. I like to think of it as a future self-portrait, depicting the strong, balanced, spiritual, confident, bright & beautiful I aim to grow into.

I used a lot of symbolism in this piece. The symmetry of it represents my aim to live a balanced life. The rainbow represents my desire to see equality & acceptance of diversity for all in society as well as my love of colour. The lotus is my favourite flower, as it has to struggle it's way through the mud & water to reach the surface - I see this a metaphor for life, although it has it's struggles, if we believe in ourselves & always persist we can reach our goals & achieve enlightenment. I placed myself seated on the lotus flower, just as Buddha himself has been placed in art & sculpture, to represent the Goddess that I see in me, & that we should all see in ourselves. The koi fish has similar symbolism to the lotus, as it struggles upstream against the flow of the water in order to reach an opening of water, where it transforms into a mighty dragon. I see this as a reminder of 'what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger' sort of thing. I have also included the four elements, the sun being fire, swirly lines being wind, the mud & trees being earth, & the river being water. I hold in my hands the pure energy of the universe, representing all of the power that is within me, & within you, within all of us.

Everything is connected in this painting, just as we are all connected in the universe.

If you have, or are going to, create your own vision wall/board, or artwork, please feel free to send me photos - I would love to see what you create!

Peace & Love Jen xoxo

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I love your idea, you incorporate so many aspects of womanhood, art, empowerment and beauty in your Vision Wall. It's lovely and inspiring. I have done what I guess you'd call a Vision Collage before, and may do it again, after your voice of inspiration. I do believe we in ourselves have the power to make amazing things happen if we send it out into the Universe. Right now, I am doing a daily meditation before my little shrine. A small group of women and myself meditate for a period of time, at exactly the same time. My goal is that a group of women all over the world are meditating and sending their good energy into the Universe. We have a mantra that we speak, and then we say the peoples names and picture a person in our minds, and speak this mantra for their lives. This last week, our mantra was inviting beautiful and unexpected things into each person's life. It is an amazing feeling to wake in the morning, role out of bed, and start speaking words of power and blessing for my sisters and brothers near and dear to me. I recently had stumbled upon the incredible power of each person's energy. I had a moving experience a few weeks ago, and have since truly believed that we are able to change our lives and perspectives through the mind. Don't get me wrong, i definitely believe in action, I am just now more clearly seeing the strength of the collective mind. So, that's my inspiration at the moment. I would love to hear more of your inspirations. I love your creative and empowered ideas. Keep it up!

Sister in inspiration,


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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm due to create one. It's easy to get stuck in planning mode when it comes to your dreams, rather than just enjoying them in creative, playful, and abundant ways!

HI, Thanks so much! Some years back I've read an article about something similar to a vision board, but back then I wasn't ready for one yet, and so I didn't feel the urge to make one. But looking at your vision board has given me motivation. I'm making my own! Will send you a picture when it's ready - though it might take some time to make up my collage. in solidarity - khulud

Smilingheart - I have completed a number of vision boards and in my practice help others to create their own. For those who aren't exactly into collage art or don't want to take the time, your simple idea is very valuable. I have also suggested to some of my participants that they use an acoustic ceiling tile (very inexpensive) as a pin-board. It provides a large space and can be changed as the vision gains more clarity.

Recently, I came across an article suggesting small vision boards as journal pages. Being a passionate about journaling, I immediately started one. I am hooked and often want to do more than one page a day.

khulud - set aside some time and space, surround yourself with the source of images you want to use, either magazines, photos, greeting cards, calendars, etc. and just start going through them. As images strike you, don't question why - just set them aside. Themes and patterns will start to emerge and before you know it, you'll be hooked.


Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become your life.