Posted July 17, 2009 from Australia

We all know someone who does not take responsibility for the lives they are living. That person who is always the victim; always ready to list the reasons why they can’t, won’t and will never be successful or even happy. They spend their lives simply reacting to situations and people they face in their lives.

The people who get results are the people who believe in all certainty that they can, will and must achieve their goals, be successful and feel joy in everything that they do. They are in action. They strive to achieve their goals; they don’t let their fears stop them. They know that, although they cannot control the situations and people that affect them, they can control how they let those situations and people affect them.

When people who are in action face an unexpected challenge, they start looking for solutions almost immediately, rather than losing faith in themselves, feeling sorry for themselves, or complaining.

It is important to know that there will always be people and situations that we can’t control, but we can always control the way we react to those people and situations. Always. Nothing has to affect us unless we choose to let it affect us.

You can make the decision right now to be the victim or the hero of your life’s story; you can be in action or in reaction. Which will you choose?

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