Take Back the Tech using Participatory Video!

Posted November 27, 2013 from United Kingdom

When I received the details of World Pulse's new campaign #takebackthetech I felt excited! I really think it's a wonderful idea. And immediately I thought of the women and adolescent girls we supported in recent years to take back the video cameras and create their own videos, in their own terms: using participatory video to share their stories in relation to gender-based violence. They planned and shot their videos, they edited and they had full editorial control of what was going in or out of the video. They took back the tech.

So here you have some of their work, enjoy and spread their message sharing their videos!

Sole InsightShare: www.insightshare.org

Promoting Women's Rights: This video shows the three-stage capacity building in participatory video facilitation process undertaken by partner organisations of Oxfam Canada based in southern Africa. The entire training programme took place over nine months and was delivered by InsightShare.

Testimony of Maria Chicoj: A testimony shared by an adolescent girl participating in a participatory evaluation run by her peers in Guatemala http://www.videogirlsforchange.org/portfolio/testimony-of-maria-chicoj/ Check out more testimonies and the results of this girl-led evaluation here: http://www.videogirlsforchange.org/ Take Back the Tech 2013

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  • torilynnfox
    Dec 03, 2013
    Dec 03, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing these. That video of Maria Chicoj was very moving. She is the epitome of strength. I will definitely share her testimony and hope that every woman and girl in the world can see it. I know there are so many people who could really be inspired by and benefit from her story.

  • Courtney Calardo
    Dec 04, 2013
    Dec 04, 2013

    I've heard a similar tale to Maria's by one of my students who had been abused by her father. She had a child by him and suffered a great deal for years to come afterward. Yet, she still continued to fight for a better life and a chance to move on from her past. The strength these women both show is so motivating. I struggle to at times to find ways that I could possibly help, but them I am reminded of the power in numbers and showing one another support. It is so important for women around the world who have suffered from domestic violence to understand they have a a contribution to make to this world and that they are not alone. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all.

  • Pascal Byamungu
    Dec 06, 2013
    Dec 06, 2013

    C'est vraiment magnifique ce grand travail que tu fais avec la production des vidéos qui permettent à ces jeunes filles et femmes de lancer leur message. C'est un travail pertinent. J'ai la joie de savoir ce que tu fais et surtout comme nous sommes dans le même domaine. J'ai eu un grand désir de voir les femmes exprimer leurs besoins. Ce là étant, j'ai commencé à faire des vidéos avec la camera de l'ordinateur. Pour le moment j'ai une camera que j'utilise. Ce là me rend fière. Je peus souhaiter travailler avec vous comme nous sommes dans le même angle. Vous pouvez me contacter à l'adresse: papy.byamungu@yahoo.fr Je sérais très fière de travailler en collaboration avec vous. Je suis touché par ce que vous avez écris et comment vous avez trouvé cette idée de travailler avec des vidéos. Merci beaucoup Solemu

  • Beverly Rose
    Dec 07, 2013
    Dec 07, 2013

    Thank you for sharing these powerful links. What incredible examples of taking back the tech!

    The story of Maria brought tears to my eyes, me who as a domestic violence/sexual violence advocate is witness to many horrific stories. Despite the long lasting effects of the abuse on her life, Maria did 'get out'. Many women and girls do not. I have no doubt that Maria will continue to work for the safety of all girls and women.

    We must all work to stop violence against women in all its forms! We must all speak out for our sisters and mothers and daughters.

    In peace, Beverly

  • Irmia Fitriyah
    Dec 17, 2013
    Dec 17, 2013

    For me, the best part is when women and men work to overcome rape.


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