The Sierra Leone situation brings to mind a gruesome war that left real suffering and extreme poverty among majority of the populace, but particularly the women and children. Its effects are yet to be tackled in a manner that would alleviate the pains associated with it. To redress this sad reality therefore, is the call for a Holistic Sustainable Community Development intervention at the following levels: 1. Commercial Sex Workers 2. Very High Infant and Maternal Mortality 3. HASADiF-SL: (HIV & AIDS Stigma And Discrimination Free – Sierra Leone) 4. Violence and Injury among women and children 5. A specialized Primary Health Care system The Community Health Evangelism Programme undertakes measures in these directions with communities actively participating in and managing projects that address their expressed prioritized needs – in accordance to the basic human rights. With very little ability for community input, the need remains for what the community can genuinely not afford to be provided by outside funding. It is in this regard that I wish interested partners can come on board these ideas stated above to assist the very poor of this nation.

From time to time comments would be posted for your reactions or contributions, and we hope you can initiate discussions as well to help with issues you may wish to have clarified.

solomon van kanei

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Some days it so hard for my mind to wrap around the injustices in the world. Thank you for sharing the work of Community Health Evangelism Programme. It gives me a lot of hope to know you are there.

I am curious about a statement you made, "With very little ability for community input..." Did you mean that there is little capacity to gather community input? And were you referring to local or global input? What would you need to get that input?

I am thinking that's what you meant with your last sentence, "From time to time comments would be posted for your reactions or contributions, and we hope you can initiate discussions as well to help with issues you may wish to have clarified."

You have beautifully summed about the sole purpose of PulseWire - to connect people across borders to initiate discussions and build solutions to all the issues you listed above. I honor you for joining us and for your clarity about what you hope to get out of being here.

With love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations


Thank you for sharing your interest and concern for action in Sierra Leone. I look forward to reading further posts on the issues of human rights in this war ravaged country and how we as a global community can pool resources to start building the "Holistic Sustainable Community Development intervention" that you have lined out. You have definitely gotten my attention and I am listening.

Best wishes, Jade Frank

Sierra Leone has a very high infant and maternal mortality rate. While the current health statistics put this at reducing, the fact remains that many pregnant women are far removed from any trained health personnel or a health facility. Therefore deliveries will contine for a long time to be done by Traditional Birth Attendants - Trained and untrained / especially in emergencies and at night.More so in communities where no vehicle exists. So to help these women with regards the right to health care personnel and facilities these are possible starting points.

We have a 60% illiteracy rate - an indicatin that majority of the people cannot read or write and therefore have no idea of the HUMAN RIGHTS you are desiring to help with. A possible intervention therefore to assist in this direction would be to translate these RIGHTS into the local languages and have them aired on radio and also have local people trained in these rights so that they can spear head community discussions that would make these RIGHTS practical among the people.

Another angle to consider is the whole thing of RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES - - -how can they be balanced. Often too much is said of the rights of children but does that not go with responsibilities? Or maybe the whole concept of RIGHTS is misunderstood - - in the sense that it seems child right means permissiveness for them to do anything even at the detriment of their progress in school, etc

Laying this foundation can be a better way of handling the matter of RIGHTS at least initially. As we delve into it FURTHER, other issues from the peoples perspective will be raised.