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Me telling about the farthest point of the night,
Me telling about the farthest point of the darkness,
The farthest point of the night

Walking towards my home, darling?
Bring me light, and a hatch
Which through that I can look at the crowd of “LUCKY” alley

Me review this luckiness oddly
Me addicted to my desperation.
Behind this window, the night is shivering
And the earth has stopped turning
Behind this window, an un-known
Concerns about you and me

And this is me,
A woman, alone
At the sill of a cold season,
At the sill of perception of the contaminated existence of the world,
And the plain but gloomy desperation of the sky.

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Hi Dear,

Just want to thank you for sharing these amazing creative writings of yours. Honestly, your poems are brilliant. They tell a story and gives us a vivid image of everything that you are sharing. Keep it up.

Love, Roksana