Today I close this door... gently. It’s not sealed or nailed, and I may visit again the trinkets in the room- perhaps then I’ll know what to do with them...

Today I turn- and honor the things in Life that give me Joy. And satisfaction, and pleasure, and peace. Today I begin to create new rituals of spiritual meaning.

Today I honor my daughters. I laugh to myself as I search to find a match- somewhere, anywhere! - to light a candle in your honor, and fail. So I light that candle in my thoughts, and smile. Moving causes mayhem... and giggles.

You both have strength in you that come from generations of strong, practical women, and women of passions as well. You sometimes doubt that strength, but there is a deep wellspring that you can draw from, and it will never empty. You also have a reserve of emotion, which can be tricky and surprising. At times there are strong ripples, but other times the surface is calm with deep eddies and currents. Remember that both are blessings.

The generations of men behind you have challenged Life with hard work, dedication, and commitment to their families. They have allowed each new layer of family to grow, and not stagnate.

You have been placed on this earth with love, and with a strong foundation. Sure, there are a few cracks here and there, but they’re tiny.... and you’ve got to love them.

You’ve also been given the gift of humor... which will keep many a problem in perspective.

I love you both, and am proud of the journey in Life that you are have jumped into the world, gone to new places, learned new understandings, and are finding a peace in your lives.