From a century of years, our society suffering from lots of issues like poverty, viral diseases etc. But one of the most important issues is molestation with women. Everyone knows the importance of women but no one wants to respect them. Our company K S infotech is a mobile application development company. We were decided to develop a mobile application for women safety. By using this mobile application any women or girl can protect their self. Fortify – Your Travel Companion mobile app having so many feature, some of are listed below 1. Automatic call to your parent, friends and nearest police station. 2. Automatic message. 3. Tracking your current location.

Whenever you start your journey, you just enter your start position and end position. It will track you and guide to be in right direction. Whenever you feel, you are in danger. You can press SOS button, then your parents, friends and nearest police station will receive automatic call and message that you are in danger. By this call they can track your current location easily. K S infotech take a small initiative towards women safety.

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Hello Soniya, It will be really a great initiative for all the women working or non working ; and women can move around freely having a relief mind. This app will be helpful to prevent the violent cases against women. Hope your company will develop the app soon. Love Ukheng Bangladesh