Introducing myself and my journal: we are as an ungoverment organazations we defend all women and human rights

Posted April 4, 2013 from Iraq

About Me: Greeting, We such as International Organization and Associations Federation (IFIAO) that include 460 independent and civil organizations established at 2008 in Iraq, have many aims to make a new big network among local and global NGOs for more humanity services, especially our aim is focus on democracy development and Symbiotic and peace. Now for prevent our under organizations, we need to financial support to do their projects around below subjects: -Treating women issues - Treating children issues - Safe community against drugs - Empowering democracy - Healthy and quite life for all humans - Safe environment - Foods welfare for poor - Empowering civil society organizations - Empowering symbiotic and social-political tolerance - Prevent refugee and wanderer Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Best regards Federation’s Presidency . Iraq – Kurdistan Region – Sulaimaniya City +9647711535402 / +9647701583446

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