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Posted October 11, 2009 from Egypt

its now getting increase infront people in the street abuse is getting so wide and nobody cannot do something nobody can say a word for the one who do this .i saw abuse infront my eyes a boss hits and beat his worker as he make a mistake he slap him however was the worker fault he cannot slap him i was sitting in the car when this happened and people were watching just watching without doing nothing and i also did nothing and i was so sad ,and how the worker was so abedient cannot rase his face from ground ,no one can blame the boss as if anyone say anyword he gonne say to him its not of u business and also the worker cannot disobey him as the boss is man who gave him money to live sourse of living .its done also in schools by teachers to their students and one from the horrible acceidents happened in my country and take some fame for few months from t.v show and journalisim is a teacher was a result of dead child dead student about 7 or 8 yeras old student had been dead by hand of a teacher as he was beating him in class in front the students just because the boy didnot answer the question ,where is human in this man however how was his anger .teachers must be patient. the court had judgment the teacher about 6 or 5 years in prison but this judgment would never bring back the kid never make the pain that the family are gotten in can go .this is one of the hundreds abuse happened and still happening in the schools . this is what infront people eyes so what about behined our eyes that we cannot see its homes behined doors alot of abuse is happeneing abuse wifes,children, parents and also husband could you imagine that, and nobody cannot say anyword just ashamed and afraid from any scandal happened to him and his family and as people gonne talk about him and his family i know its hard to somebody to talk about his abuse but if we gonne be in silence the abuse effects will get more wider shaking hands not confedint afraid from people and involuntary bed-wetting which happened to children and alot . its a short message to people who had abuse to talk and iam one from them .

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  • Maria de Chirikof
    Oct 11, 2009
    Oct 11, 2009

    I agree that it is by talking about it openly and without shame that we will help to change the abuse that happens. It is when all the good people join together, regardless of things like gender or race, that we will turn the tide. It is great that you found Worldpulse where the people here do believe in our power to change the world and hope you enjoy meeting the people from all over the world who choose to work together.