While the rest of the world sleeps peacefully ,there are numerous homes which cry and wail for help and live in nightmare.

The recent incident of abduction in Nigeria of more than 200 schoolgirls is a matter of high alarming situation. The one which is pushing us back to the barbaric times and letting us go beyond the heinous crimes . What makes the terrorist groups do such act is better known to them ,but the efforts for bringing back the girls should be from every nook and corner of the world.

An effort that can really bring a change against the laws of humanity.

The borders and walls of religion, westernization is getting into the common blood and we need to create an awareness,that as humans we are equal.

"From the gravels of the earth to the surface of the mantle, Screams and demands every particle of dust, Enough is enough!

Stop the turmoil and killings That spreads throughout the air of pollution, Hovering over the intoxicated breath

Of men,women and children, Crushing the delicate shrubs of innocence What is this mayhem for!

Halt for a moment! Think ! Does your heart really wants this? Close your eyes,feel the terror That which appears in a dying man feeble, War, violence and royal feuds,

Wake up people! Wake up nations! Is this a place which you have dreamt for ever! Weapons, explosions have deafen the ears Atrocities of bloodshed …contaminate the …atmosphere...

Awaken O! humans, Who slumber through the life …in despair, Kindle a flame in every heart of the sphere Sing and march against the deathly obscure

Rise, Rise , & Rise It’s the Sunrise, Let the golden rays dawn on earth with a new hope and conviction, Be humans! O! inhuman souls … The world awaits you… in despair."

Take action! This post was submitted in response to #BringBackOurGirls.

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...And, Rise, shall we -- to refuse to submit, compromise and be silent where autocratic and oppressed boundaries appear as cemented walls. Women must obliterate invisibility, marginalised status and suppressed notions. Sometimes it is not the patriarchal system that denies the freedom to educate, as I have witnessed in social and international development, that, it is often the matriarchal figure who controls how much can a girl (be it her daughter or daughter in law) be given access to education and knowledge. An older woman in the family oppressing a younger woman is incredibly at a disadvantage for an aspiring girl to form confidence as she develops into a woman. Such roots are important and vital to dialogue -- for this is the main cause of women not 'rising' especially in countries of lesser freedom for education access. The worse terror is oppression to any human, for, it murders a life to extend, expand and grow. And, well, as always -- your poem speaks across spaces and certainly ruptures the boundaries of submissiveness and probes one to seek for platform(s) to address social-cultural-political-religious dialogue. And, yet again, you have continued to penning and sharing with us all, my dear friend !

Cheers, Shaheen


Well said, dear Shaheen! I can't say it any better than you have, but wanted to be on the record as agreeing with you whole heartedly. In our efforts to encourage all women to break the chains that bind them it is easy to forget that it is indeed women who can be part of the problem for other women. No doubt oppression from any source is a kind of murder, in that anything that inhibits the free growth of an individual personality prematurely lays to rest forever the potential that individual could have realized. We have heard it said that hatred is murder even if one does not slay the body, and there are many ways to stop a person from spreading their wings without killing them, and yet they die a little more inside with every rejection of who they are. Any flourishing plant can benefit from a pruning from time to time, yet we're not talking about constructive criticism, but destructive non-acceptance. It is important to be aware of this in all our dealings with people so we can actively encourage those who are bound in this kind of oppressive relationship and offer, or at least model, alternate ways of interconnecting to those who participate in oppressing others.

The one benefit that can come from such a difficult (and often life threatening) relationship is compassionate understanding for others in the same position. My father simply could not accept me for who I was, and who I was becoming, and with every offhanded criticism and attempt to crush me into a mold I could not fit into I slipped further and further into resentment, self criticism and insecurity, which peaked with a suicide attempt while I was still in high school. Thankfully I had my art to get me through those difficult years, and have since found healing in the wonderful relationship I have with my husband. He had compassion on me in part because he had a similar relationship with his first wife, for whom he could do nothing right, who had sworn to make him suffer and informed him that she would be lying with every word she said as they walked down the aisle to say their wedding vows. His father in law even called him Underdog because he just couldn't win and she continually beat him down with her "silver tongue." Fast forward 40 years, and now I have beautiful relationships with both of their daughters and their son, but they have had to distance themselves from her because the relationships became so toxic they could not carry on, and they felt deeply moved to break the cycle of abuse that came through her. Since I was there to be a surrogate mom to them and completely understood their feelings due to my own experience with my father, they found courage to do this in a positive and loving way. Now their own kids are strengthened with understanding so their grandmother's sharp tongue doesn't slice them as it would have otherwise, and every relationship in the family is growing from the healing their brave decisions set in motion. Every time I try to be circumspect and call them my husband's children, he insists that they are mine too. As a result I feel that every one who comes out from under the heavy hand of oppression should be encouraged with the fact that by cultivating their own empathy and compassion, they can help others to heal from their own traumatic experiences, too.

Oops, I sent a reply on your response to Soumya at the bottom -- It was meant for this reply, nevertheless, 'tis the same thing. I appreciate your thoughts and leaving your imprints for us to relish and gain a better understanding of your world - which is a pleasure to know. Certainly, dear Hannah, you must continue penning your experiences, for, this is the platform where we expand and extend our individual and often times collective predicaments faced in daily living. Thank you for leaving an earnest missive for I and Soumya to delight and learn about you. Stay gold.

Cheers, Shaheen


Dear Shaheen, you profoundly speak of the depth to which the human mind goes and how a woman can be a hindrance to the growth and education of another. There are several reasons social, religious, national and political which often have led to such oppression and seldom do the real facts get surfaced. Instead a different hypothetical cause is explained to the world about such happenings. Iam glad you are here to support,speak, raise a voice and express the truth to one and all when it comes to the growth of a woman, a human and the whole mankind. Thanks and best wishes, Soumya



I too am glad that Shaheen is here to help us focus and keep our thoughts in perspective with her beautifully worded writing. And I am glad that you Soumya, are here to bring these difficult but vitally important subjects to the table so we can talk about them openly and gain wisdom that will help us turn and help those around us. Please keep writing your soulful posts!

Aptly said Hannah, Shaheen's thoughts and words can focus the problems and the issues in a convergent way allowing everyone to know the broader perspective and then unifying at the final cause. Your presence and support too is commendable and worth realizing. After reading your comment that speaks about your life, I can say, you did stood up against all odds with courage and determination and surely all cause you had teh potential and your husband had the understanding and compassion to do so. Its indeed the encourage ment that is needed for every person to come out of that zone where he/she is living in a complex of inferiority. Certain women like you spoke of the previous wife of your hubby, are a hindrance and an obstacle in the path of life for many and their own family members.Their tongue and minds dnt allow freedom and they pull back the people around with sarcasm and oppressive criticism. Thanks fr joining here Hannah,it indeed led to many dialogues. Best wishes, Soumya



Thank you, Soumya. It is always a pleasure to help in any way I can, and to recognize the beauty in everyone elses efforts and encourage them along their way. It is an honor to know both you and Shaheen, and I'm looking forward to getting to know both of you better as time goes on. Have a beautiful day!

Am humbled, dear Hannah, that my words touched you. Soumya is an inspiring woman, who not only is my dear friend, but, also a valued member at this sphere and who extends her pen-ship to us with a touch of her own 'blood-ink'. And, it is also women like yourself who cultivates and encourages meaningful dialogue - which is the most important element at World Pulse - for us all to share, exchange and ignite collaborative ideas that may spark a flame for social reforms in our societies. My collaboration with Soumya has been very precious and meaningful as we have authored a book - a metaphysical anthology of poetry. Am attaching a link thus you can read details about it, dear Hannah. And, please continue to embrace your writing and other creative passion(s).

link: http://suroorofthesoul.weebly.com/

Cheers, Shaheen


I am humbled...to have stumbled into a relationship like the one you and Soumya share! Thank you so much for your kind words! It is usually other people who inspire me to write and to speak, and the two of you have inspired me greatly. I just visited your website and I am very intrigued by your book. I will try to make a purchase soon so I can read your collaboration...and hear your souls speaking...

Thank you, dear Hannah, for leaving your thoughts. Yes, I and Soumya have similar interests, thus, inspired us to pen our book. The anthology has myriad of human conditions as subjects. It would be a delight if you come across and share your thoughts once you have read the book. So grateful to know that we inspired you -- for, this is the reason behind our writings at World Pulse. I shall visit your posts in the upcoming days. I apologise for not being an active reader, as it is simply due to a very hectic schedule. Please bear with me, dear Hannah !

You have a friend in us (us: soumya and I).

Keep lighting sparks for all of us at world pulse !

Cheers, Shaheen


Don't worry, lovely Shaheen. I completely understand a hectic schedule! I have been enjoying a bit of a slower time the past couple of weeks as I completed a number of long term website and graphic design projects about the same time and had new ones lined up, but not yet ready to begin. I will have more constraints on my own time time soon, and am just grateful that during this time I have had the privilege of meeting you and Soumya, getting to know you and your writing, and sharing our hearts on some worthy subjects that Soumya has brought to World Pulse. Well, at least enough to know I would like to get to know both of you better, and to read more of your beautiful words! Thank you for encouraging me, too, especially for the blood-in-the-ink parts. Those, as I'm sure you know better than I, are the parts one is most tempted to feel unsure about when it's time to press the Submit button! To know that they are the parts most likely to get through to another's heart is invaluable and I am humbled by your kindness.

So...don't let me distract you from important deadlines. I wish you the best of success in all you are doing and look forward to hearing from you again when you have the time.

Until then, I will remain your grateful friend, Hannah

Your words are soulful and speaks in very clear terms to a situation that my country and the world would forever wish never happened. The thought of what the kidnapped girls are going through in the hand of their captors makes my heart bleed. My heart bleeds too for their parents siblings and other loved ones who are confronted by the stark reality of man's inhumanity to man. The pain and trauma associated with abduction of is one too many; and voices like yours are soothing and go a long way to speak to the ills that have become the lot of the human race. While we all wait in hope for the safe rescue and return of the girls, like you, I pray that all inhuman souls will become human and end the despair they cause humanity.

It is important that we continue to speak about the kind of world we want- 'A world that is safe and just for everyone'. Thank you for raising your voice!

Blessings, Greengirl

Dear Greengirl,

I can understand the way you feel and are hurt by the way things have shaped up in your country.The incident has shocked the world and it surely is devastating for the families and the children suffering. I feel myself to be honored to be an instrument to be a voice of those millions affected by such trauma. I am obliged that such voice is being heard and recognized by one and many. Hopefully the situation shall get solved in the coming days and the global fraternity shall resolve this issue so that no such incidents occur in near future. Praying for all the girls, Best wishes , Soumya