In pungent smoke of the constant wars and conflicts going on in every corner of the world, die millions of people including women and the innocent children. Their lives are not only shattered but their thoughts devastated and crumbled into pieces , seeing the inhumane side of humanity. Those who are victim to these kind of mayhem lose their lives but the ones who survive suffer more terribly, physically and mentally. Every war has a story left behind in the remains of its ashes. The cries of helpless and the shrieks of thousands echo in the air and fresh in the soil.

SURVIVORS: The abandoned kin of mankind stray , on the deserted roads and wealthy jungles where wolves concealed under the sheepskin, buy their integrity in turn for shelter what curse is on the humans… Can thou see! Die they in thousands , in wars, blasts and homicide culpable in every way… in ashes , remain the wishes and aspirations of the dead ones burn in rage , the abandoned and bereft.


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Thank you Soumya for sharing your thoughts with us. Your impressions of the trauma and hardship faced in the aftermath of seeing the worst in humanity is powerful. I think poetry as a medium of expression to cope with these struggles is inspiring and a sign of your strength.

Warm regards, Megan

Megan Keav

Dear Megan, Thanks for reading the post with a depth and a perspective that brings us more near to the sorrows of the crumbling humanity. Hope the words genuinely pave a way to one and all towards the effort of reviving the lost times of humanity.

Regards, Soumya