By Brenda Zulu

One day in Cyber Space reading through my goggle mail account i saw a call for applications on Voices of the Future. I did not apply immediately as the dead line was still a month away. Then chatting with a friend on Skype she also gave me the link and asked me to apply. I applied because I believe in learning being a continuous process.

Cyber space for me is my refugee. That is where i live and i have a life. It has enhanced my thinking capacity, provided me with opportunities such this e-learning and freelance opportunities. I am also greatly informed by the internet in terms of news and information. My participation in Voices of the Future is key for me because i love creating content in online spaces for the voiceless and for my self. I would like to learn more on how Web 2.0 tools can help women make money.

Voices of the Future fits in my vision as i have plans to train Women journalists in Africa on Web 2.0 Hands On applications. Through your programme i would like to learn about iPod Alliance which is very new to me. Apart from Online spaces i would also like to see how we can explore publishing on Mobile phones which many women in Africa have access to other than the internet. I am hoping there is a section on Web 2.0 and Free and Open Source (FOSS).

I like meeting people and making comments on what they write as I read their views online. In my journey through cyber space, I look for an opportunity where I can share what I know and what is happening in my country and region. I also looking for opportunities where I can blog at a meeting, conference, manage content for an organisation, cover women stories in IT, write profiles of women and also aggregate content for the voiceless, find and share training opportunities for women and girls. I have always wanted to upgrade my Journalism and so am always looking for an Online Course which is flexible for me being a wife and mother. I also look out for scholarships of which many times I do not qualify because of the age limit.

As a Journalist I write on information communication technologies (ICTs) and many people think of it as a challenge because the field is male dominated. I report on it because there is gap on that kind of information in Africa, worse still on information about women and the use of technologies.

I have also been covering the Feminist Dialogue at both the World Social Forum and the Africa Social Forum. I would like to use the voices of the future to see how we would create content on African feminists as the traditional media in Africa has no content. There is also need to mentor younger women into how they can take up the work of older ones through VOF programme.

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Thanks for sharing your vision Brenda! It is so exciting to think about the opportunities that information technology allows for us. You have some very specific and positive hopes for your future with Web 2.0, I hope you continue to explore these!

Hi Brenda,

I enjoyed reading your post and learning about your personal visions. It was exciting to hear about how you strive to learn even more about Web 2.0 and your committment to educating yourself and other women!


Brenda, I am so happy that you responded to VOF and are now educating us on the technological challenges facing women in Zambia as well as the opportunities that communications technologies can provide. Your vision for your country is inspiring and it is exciting to read of the hope you have for Zambia. I applaud your efforts to continually educate yourself and empower others through web 2.0. Please continue to share with us your dreams and ideas, even after VOF as I believe you have valuable insight that will be helpful to many others.