About Me: My name's Loek Sreyneang, i'm 23 and I am belong to Bunong indigenous people in Cambodia and I a year 4 law student. I I came from a remote area in northern of Cambodia, my parent is illiteracy and they have no job beside farmer, hunting and collect the natural resources in the forest. I was born in the farm who have no hospital far away from the town 70 kilometers that my mum have never receive the health hotline or care center for Bunong indigenous women since 15 years ago.

I am wonder myself on what myself did with social media as other Bunong indigenous women did not know how to use social media or ICT and we Bunong women don't have any women who graduated on media training or bachelor on media. Most of the women in my village don't know how to use social media and we have only one radio post who control information by ruling party. Most of our Bunong indigenous women in my village haven't graduate from grade 9, we have only 2 women from my district who graduated university in Phnom Penh. So, most of them have never enter to the social media or web.

My Passions: Women's education

My Challenges: social media educat is limited for myself

My Vision for the Future: 50% of my village generation shall be enter to social media

My Areas of Expertise: Cambodia

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I'm excited to read about your thoughts on social media and ICT use among Bunong women! I wonder if you would be willing to compose a piece about these digital issues for our Women Weave the Web Campaign? I'd love to hear your thoughts about how technology affects your life and the lives of women around you. And this seems like a perfect subject! You can find out more information about the campaign here, http://worldpulse.com/about/blog/announcing-the-digital-literacy-phase-o.... It would be fabulous to have your voice join others as we think through issues around digital literacy in all its complexity.

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Wishing you peace,


I am very excited to see wonderful peoples comment on my profile. I thought my understanding is very low on this but I try because no one help us. I am finding how to participant because I already wrote my journal. I am try my best to joint. Warmest Regards, Sreyneang

thank you for having raised your voice to share with us what is happening in your community, what is happening here is sad to read and hear., but does not make you as by the courage you as the solution will come. Glory to our God for the support that has made for you despite the lack of hospital you're alive


I did my post on your world pulse and thanks you so much for your drive me. May you see mind at your campaign of community submission. Yours, Sreyneang