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Dear Pulse Friends, 

" It will take seismic shifts in the world to eradicate child slavery once and for all. Beyond economic reform, it's a matter of education, of human rights, of political and personal will. Perhaps that's above all: the sheer determination, stamina and belief that change is both possible and vital. Because whatever your culture, whatever your starting point, can it be right that a child in the 21st century is still a commodity, that a child can have quite literally a price on his head? " - Rageh Omaar -passage from the documentary, 'Child Slavery'. 

As some of you have read my posts, then, you may have noticed that I turn to my ink when the blood in my veins need some expression -- well, I wish to pen today, howsoever, the following documentary by one of my favourite journalist, Sir. Rageh Omaar, has brilliantly manifested in his film what I would have penned, otherwise. 

Sir. Rageh Omaar has made a very meaningful, significant and much needed documentary on child slavery / sexual exploitation - these are true stories documenting the children's journey - and, even, their broken and woven dreams. And, well, if you think it is just 'one of those types of films that are too harsh to watch', then, live in your luxurious abodes in absolute inertia and do not watch - after all, you have the option to be a spectator, nay? For, those, who could spare two hours, I plead you watch -- the pulse in you can only speak the unspoken in the aftermath of watching. 

Today, I have no words to express in form of poetry and/or article - am rather inarticulate to pen, as the ink cannot do justice to my thoughts, nor, can I speak across spaces.. Thus, I hope you would watch and spread this video - most of all, how can we collectively collaborate in eradicating child slavery, sexual exploitation of young girls ? 

The link to Sir. Rageh Omaar's documentary: Child Slavery


Cheers & In solidarity,

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

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Dear Shaheen, 

Thank you so much for sharing this documentary with all of us. I want to start off by saying that this documentary addresses so many important factors associated with violence against children. Child slavery and sexual exploitation is so devastating and as Rageh Omaar said in the beginning of the documentary, we unfortunately live in the "21st century where children still live and work as slaves". 

Have you heard of the CNN Freedom Project? It focuses on ending modern day slavery and sexual exploitation. Here is a link http://edition.cnn.com/specials/world/freedom-project 

This documentary reminded me so much of the recent post by Nima Elbagir where she talked about children for sale in Nigeria (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/03/23/africa/nigeria-children-for-sale/index...). 

Thank you again for sharing this. I'm going to do my best to share this documentary with my followers in hopes of continuing to spread the word and raise awareness as well - just like you.

Much love and respect, Saving Angel. 

Thank you, dear Saving Angel, for taking the time to watch the documentary. And, surely, I shall check out the websites you have inserted. I am not a CNN supporter in any way, as I find censored reporting rather uselsss - and, CNN represents falsity in much of what they show. Furthermore, their initiative as "freedom project" is rather ironic, to say the least. Ah, dear friend, this was the very reason why Rageh Omaar left BBC and became an independent journalist documenting realities without pressure to censorship. 

I invite you to check the following website, where you may find relevant issues reported and discussed in great lengths without censoring.


Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughts - they are certainly meaningful. Love & light to you. 

Cheers, Shaheen


Thank's for sharing the documentary with all of us, it's sad to see this kind of exploitation in the 21st centry, it's sad to see those children deprived of all their rights, this documentary highlighted a serious problem that existe in a lot of countries of this world. i will share this documentary that i found it very very interesting in social media. i raelly thank you for sharing it.

Cheers, Rim



Rim hayat Chaif

Thank you very much, dear Rim Hayat, for leaving your expression on this post. I echo your thoughts and sentiments, alike. 

Yes, it is meaningful that you shall forward the documentary to your contact.

Come by again !

Cheers, Shaheen


Feeling low and sad. Thank you for sharing this docu. feature. Truth is darker than lies and myth . But hope is always brighter than the sun. 

Loving you 



Hello Amrita !  Well, true say, one does feel a serrated pang when such realities do occur - the worse being is that each of us is at some level responsible for child slavery - for, we luxuriate in the items purchased, such as saree - which in some cases are a direct product from the hands of children as seen in the documentary. Alas.. ! 

Thanks for stopping by, bondhu ! 

Cheers, Shaheen