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Feet of Resistance

Oil on Canvas, 2008 Collection

By: Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

I have come to realise that you cannot reach a goal without power. It is not a disgusting word, it's an important word. And, what better word to give a woman to use and keep as a virtue? A powerful woman can ignite many paths. -Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

"Feet of Resistance" is an oil painting I composed, inspired by a story I read by South Asian writer, Saadat Hassan Manto for the rights of women.

More and more women in various parts of the world are voicing their concerns, seeking for platforms to find solutions and are not complacent. Women are making remarkable differences in some parts of the world, yet, I believe more can be done by encouraging networking and applying resourcefulness to women in remote areas, not necessarily "resources".

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Dear Shaheen,

Your painting is beautiful and what you have stated is valuable and necessary for women to hear, including myself. Power is an important word to know and believe in as a tool to achieve goals. Networks of support and statements like yours will teach women and girls that they have and can develop a powerful voice. I want to share The Op-Ed Project with you as a model that is working on training women to be powerful and confident writers, I hope to participate in one of their workshops someday.

Warm regards, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I am humbled that you found my painting to be a glaring piece for addressing social issues.

Absolutely, I welcome to share and inspire women areas most needed. I shall take a look at the link you have shared ! Wherevev you need my collaboration and solidarity, I shall be present to light a path. It is our individual and collective moral and social responsibility to help those who need our strength in their lives -- to impact a difference - be it in small or larger measures. Know that I shall support any initiatives and/ or endeavours taken on by you !

Wonderful to have met an akin mind ! Let's continue our creative and intelligent endeavours together as a team !

Warm regards, Shaheen

Cheers, Shaheen


Shaheen, I like what you said about improving resourcefulness rather than doling out 'resources'. Women can be very powerful and that power, wielded with compassion and humility, can make the world a more just place. In solidarity, Shelley

Dear Shelly,

Thank you very much ! Yes, I completely endorse your views and hope we can unite in solidarity to continue our strife in addressing social issues and in seeking solidarity to make a change where necessary and most needed.

Blessings, dear friend Shaheen

Cheers, Shaheen



What a metaphor for all the ways in which our advancement is hindered. The bound feet, a universal image. The Chinese foot-binding, the restraining corsets in which women could not breathe and would faint!

Your work is powerful and evocative. I like it that the rope looks less strong than the foot.



Dear Flora,

I am humbled that you found my painting powerful. It is through such spaces we form alliances with similar minds to seek solutions and strength in addressing atrocity and injustice in society.

In solidarity, Shaheen

Cheers, Shaheen