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K-lee Starland
Posted March 23, 2010 from United States

As an International Human Rights advisor, I am experienced in negotiation, mediation and project development initiation. In this later area I am highly trained (ICA-International Insititue of Cultural Affairs) and experienced in Focused Converstaion, a variety of facilitation methods for Conflict Resultion and Project Planning and most importantly, Strategic Planning. I deem my postion in project develolpment as in Initiator. That is, I formulate (if necessary), assist and guide an NGO or non-profit in their endeavors until the project is to a point where the people can take over and sustain the project themselves. My focus is not on a single area of Human Rights exclusinvely but all areas so that my reach is for the "greater good." My main focus in strategic planning is to empower women to "think out of the box" by presenting and encouraging new perspectives that perhaps they hadn't thought of beforfe so they may successfully develop programs to meet their community needs. The advantage of "thinking out of the box", of course, is not only new ideas, but new confidence, excitement, enthusiasm and joy that they may then lift themselves out of poverty created by lack of options.

Let me explain, in the Human Rights area of Domestic Violence, women shelters in the USA and South Asia have been established. In the Human Rights area of Trafficking, project facilitation with a Central Texas (USA) organization has helped rescue many women/girls in the work/sex slave area in this state. In basic Humaqn Rights education, program development in Pakistan has led to rural educational programs for women. (From this adventure, I was able to develop a Human Rights workbook supporting the Convention on the Rights of the Child that is now being used in many countries around the world. It is also be used as a tool by the USA government in efforts of finally ratify the Convention.) In the Human Rights area of United Nations support, I facilitated the development of Friends of the UN whose sole focus was supporting the UNFPA and its programs for women. In the Human Rights area of Health Care, I was able to initiate and facilitate development of a local primary health care clinic for all the many people of different races in this Texas county who are ill and dying needlessly from lack of health inbsurance and an in-ability to pay for health care. (This project is due to open Aporil 15, 2010 with people now trained to sustain it.) In addition to primary health care, prevention programs are in place for Diabetes and Cancer support, family planning, resource consulting and referral, nutrition counseling, STD counseling and treatment and much more. All of these programs are geared strictly to empower women who can then empower their families and the community. Finally, in the Human Rights area of Child Sexual Assault, I am currently working with a young NGO in Nigeria to help develolp successfyul progranms for their future sustainablility in empowering the poor women and children there.

I am truly bless to be able to work with so many wonderful women both locally and around the world.

K-lee Starland, Ph.D. K-lee Starland, Ph.D., LLC Rocking the World! Changing Perspectives through Self-Empowered Healing- Individual to Global! (512) 632-8900

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  • Jade Frank
    Apr 09, 2010
    Apr 09, 2010

    Hi K-lee,

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on your journal and application for the Opportunity Collaboration Fellowship. I must say that I am continually amazed and inspired by your work, your past experience and your vision for women. And of course I witness your passion for this as well as your ability to personally effect women in our own PulseWire community. And it's a beautiful thing.

    Love, Jade

  • K-lee Starland
    Apr 09, 2010
    Apr 09, 2010

    You are most definitely a blessing to me, too, my friend.

    love and hugs K-lee