One of my pet peeves is the many,many women around the world who are abused, abandon, or tossed aside because THEY didn't deliver a boy. In the USA it has been known for a long time that it is the male that determines the sex or gender of the child. Proven, documented and verified over and over. If the "how" of this is of interest to you, please go to the Sexual Rights group in World Pluse or you can go to Medline Plus: Trusted Health Information for You by the US National Library of Medicine.

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It is same all over the world. You know what I find more interesting is that though women are blamed to give birth to daughters it is the man who owns the child. Like in our culture they see a child carrying the legacy of the father and behave as if he is owned by him and his family. The rights of mother and her family are less. I want to scream but half the DNA is of the mother so probably he is carrying a 50-50 legacy from both sides. But such things are culturally so ingrained in oou pschyes that even after knowing the facts we tyend to believe in the opposite.


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This is quite interesting topic and I will always refer to my self, may be that is why God has burdened me with issues relating to women and children, i have two girls which even Ma Natalie Safir, my mentor said are beautiful and enough, when I went to visit my parents in law lately, the mother called me aside and begged Olutosin you have delivered your own children when will you deliver ours?

I understand what she meant tough pretended because they always hove around the children as if they are the most beautiful thing that has happened to them, not knowing that they are just managing my girls, but I smiled and said but Divine looks so much like you ma, she said no we want someone who will uphold the family name, i smiled and informed her to talk to my husband who has continually dropped girls in my womb, and you see I have pretty girls that I will never trade for what God did not give to me. In my village, women are not given properties belonging to their fathers and wives are not given inheritance from their husband's too, but women are blessed from all corner's, we reap the fruit of our labors!

An African adage says, a woman gave birth to her own children she is still staying that she gave birth for her husband, huh huh huh

Mother, we are in tune, continue.

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This is very interesting K-lee! I didn't even know that that was scientific fact. Thanks for letting us all know.

I hope you are well :) I am sending you much peace and love!