New Eyes

K-lee Starland
Posted March 1, 2010 from United States

"If people are machines, seeking to control us makes sense. But if we live with the same forces intrinsic to all other life, then seeking to impose control through rigid structures is suicide. If we believe that there is no order to human activity exept that imposed by the leader, that there is no self-regulation except that dictated by policies, if we believe that responsible leaders must have their hands into everything, controlling every decision, person,and moment, then we cannot hope for anything except what we already have - a treadmill of frantic efforts that end up destroying our individual and collective vitality." (Leadship and the New Science, Wheatly, M.J. pg 25)

With International Women's Day around the corner, I encourage every women to re-claim her vitality and see her life with new eyes. Eyes of inner peace and joy. Away from the leaders and policies that want to claim dictatorship over our lives.

If you were to see your life through "new eyes" what would that look like for you? What would you see?

International Women's Day 2010: Women Can Build the Bridges of Social Change

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  • Olutosin
    Mar 02, 2010
    Mar 02, 2010

    This is almost incredible, or is it becasue it has never crossed my heart? is it because I have been carried away by the reality on ground that I never thought about, how or what that would be like for me, oh what would I see if I were free to make those decisions, if there were no restrictions, no laws gagging my mouth, oh! no, do not do this, do not do that, it is so strange that one can actually think of a life without those monitring us, I mean those who would give anything to keep us down, yes so down where most women are now. You do not really understand, I mean those who would not even want us to be like their children too, may be you do not know this type of modern colonization of the highest order.

    Ah, there is still another one, this is even callous, if I were to look at my life from the other side, who I will see, a new me? not this jelly fish who is perpetually afraid of not being declared missing at the crucial time, or is it the one that may be killed through accidental discharge or hit and run cars set up by the power that be,they are not even afraid of being caught in the act, these powers can pay the price of life, because that is a chicken change/token.

    Hmn, what would it look lie for me, I have still never arrived at that yet, ok, you mean in a country where both Women and men can be equal, and that I have two daughters will not make my father in law think that I am yet to deliver any children becaseu they will one day become women, you mean where there is equality of right, where there is no regional supremacy, where even if there are policies, it goes for everyone and no one is above the law, again I have never thought about that, oh that we can be at par with everyone and there wont be any white house or Aso rock where my likes are not welcome except if to be bought over or to force me to change my opinion, oh that is if my opinion ever count, ah ah ah.

    If I were to see me through this new eyes, I would see that SOLUTION THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED! Oh then may be there would not have been that problem then, do you ever thik about that too? That men would love to break teh laws becasue those laws were made! Becasue humanity does not have problems with those free things is life that has no restrictions, Yes, we hardly bother ourselves with those free things of life, things that has no advantages for our leaders, things they do not have control over yes, those things that are priceless yet not worthless, there is no law restricing me from breating, there fore we do not have any law regarding that, though priceless but they do not have any control over that, I will see a bright new day, new hope and new opportnity to be who I do see in my mentality and will never be able to utter. I will see the angel everyone, ready to serve and to lead and most importantly ready to defend, just like Michael defended Daniel whne Gabriel could only watch for 21 days and Daniel though God has not answered his prayers.

  • bennettml
    Mar 02, 2010
    Mar 02, 2010

    Thank you for your contribution. The words you wrote desribe the experiences I have had the past 20 years of my life working in a very male dominated, intense industry . The experience has been somewhat soul killing. I have made the decision to leave this work and pursue my passion of working with women leaders. The words you shared spoke to me.

  • K-lee Starland
    Mar 02, 2010
    Mar 02, 2010

    I fully support you in your new endeavor. I believe it is the creative power of women that will emerge as the new leaders. I think the men are on the treadmill of old, un-sustainable power. Now is the time for the power of compassion and tolerance. Thank you for responding. K-lee