Attached to this post is a pdf file titled “48 Different Ways of Describing The IPCR Initiative”. This is another piece of a work-in-progress which began in January, 2009 and is nearing completion.

In earlier posts I have offered a draft Table of Contents for the work-in-progress. Recently, I made significant changes to the Table of Contents, and also changed the title. The title of this work-in-progress will be “The IPCR Workshop Primer”, and below is the Table of Contents. It may be a month or so before I finish the editing. (Note: The current version of "The IPCR Workshop Primer, accessible at, was last revised in August-September, 2007. [Additional Note: The writer of this post is the founder and outreach coordinator for The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative, at]

I understand that some people may like the concept of Community Visioning Initiatives (featured in many of my posts here), but find it difficult to imagine how such a concept could be translated into an actual community building process. The work-in-progress “The IPCR Workshop Primer” is an effort to provide many pieces of a “big picture” view in one place, so that there is both understanding of why there is a need for Community Visioning Initiatives, Community Teaching and Learning Centers, and a variety of affordable workshops at the local community and neighborhood level—and understanding of the kind of tools and resources which can help make such community building processes most effective, and relevant to the greater good of the whole.

The piece “48 Different Ways of Describing The IPCR Initiative” is an effort to summarize the contents of “The IPCR Workshop Primer”, and an effort to “connect the dots”.

The IPCR Workshop Primer

Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction Section 2 The IPCR Initiative—Creating a Multiplier Effect of a Positive Nature Section 3 An Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times Section 4 The IPCR Mission Statement Section 5 Brief Descriptions of The Eight IPCR Concepts Section 6 The “1000Communities2” Proposal (Description and Table of Contents) Section 7 Three Different Introductions to the “1000Communities2” Proposal Section 8 A 15 Step Outline for a Community Visioning Initiative Section 9 “Community Teaching and Learning Centers” Section 10 39 Suggestions for Preliminary Survey Questions (as preparation for Community Visioning Initiatives) Section 11 36 Problems That May Arise (in preparing for, and implementing, Community Visioning Initiatives) Section 12 Appendix 6 from “1000Communities2” document Section 13 Some Thoughts on Evaluation Section 14 About IPCR Workshops Section 15 A Four Step Approach to Project Development Section 16 The IPCR Journal Newsletter Section 17 The IPCR Community Journal Section 18 The IPCR Community Blog Section 19 Brief Descriptions of All IPCR Documents Section 20 The IPCR Copyright Policy Section 21 About the Writer—autobiographical sketch

Appendix 1

A. “Ten Point Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times” B. A List of 117 Related Fields of Activity (117 Fields of Activity Related to Peacebuilding,Community Revitalization, and Ecological Sustainability) C. “Starting Point Links for Learning More About 117 Related Fields of Activity” (117 Fields of Activity Related to Peacebuilding,Community Revitalization, and Ecological Sustainability) D. Appendix 5 from “1000Communities2” (10 Examples of Humanitarian Aid Which Can be Explored Through “Sister Community” Relationships) E. 48 Different Ways of Describing the IPCR Initiative

Appendix 2

A. “The Twilight of One Era, and the Dawning of Another” B. “Divine Intervention: A Collection of Quotations from ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’ Vol. 1-15” C. “Call for Papers”: Requesting Assistance with Creating an “Introduction Section” (more than one introduction) to document titled “Calling ‘the better angels of our nature’: How Community Visioning Initiatives and Spiritual Wisdom Can Increase the Likelihood of Solution Oriented Activity in a Time of Great Challenges”.

Appendix 3

A. “The Spirit of the Sacred Hoop”

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Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator The IPCR Initiative


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