Short film on domestic violence
  • Short film on domestic violence

I would like you all to take a little time and read the blog via the link I will put up. It explains my reason for fighting against domestic violence for so long. I am Nigerian and unfortunately this cause is not being fought hard enough by the appropriate people. There are very few people who are doing all they can to support these women and their children and I happen to be an ambassador for one of them (PROJECT ALERT). I am now in the United States but I know that the fight continues and so I am lending my voice and my personality to this cause. You can find the trailer of the short film "when is it enough" on YouTube.

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Dear Stella,Thank you for this powerful piece!I am particularly very bitter about the church`s response to domestic violence.I have had the same response your friend got from a man of God.I was so crushed in my spirit because the God I know is not a God of oppression.I believe he hates violence more than divorce.The church is doing exactly what Christ preached against, putting the law above love and compassion.The church leaders are acting like the pharisees who criticized Jesus for healing on the sabbath.The law of the sabbath was deemed more important than the suffering of the sick person.Oh how religion has been thwarted to suit the wickedness of mankind.May God bless you for exploring this delicate reality. Hugs, Leina

Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate. I am praying that women all over the world will take a more serious stand and meet with their ambassadors as a united group to iron out all these issues. We should also have forums where we will engage religious leaders and speak to them directly for them to know how much harm they have caused.