I believe that the Cycle of Violence is the best explanation to why Domestic Violence is here with us, and why women stay in abusive relationships.

I have been thinking that there has to be a reason to why Commercial Sex workers stay on the streets despite being abused by their customers; sometimes they are not paid for their services, are beaten up etc. Yet, they remain twilight girls, day in, day out.

It has also been suggested that most do not stay in the business for long. They tend to age faster, and therefore less appealing to customers. At least, this is so at Koinange Street in Nairobi.

What is the psychological / social perspective of the trade? I want to take you through what I have discovered as the root causes of it. At least in my country…There is a Faith-Based Organisation in Kenya that is rehabilitating twilight girls. They were inspired by a similar best practice in Ethiopia.

Let me know what you think so that I can embark on the piece.

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Stella, You have touched on a great topic. Your idea of both interviewing women who are working as sex workers and weaving in a psychological angle is brilliant.

Remember to include plenty of quotes and descriptive details so your readers can understand what it is like to lead a life in sex work and what might have driven these women here.

Your personal insights and opinions are also welcome in this style of piece.

Good luck! Cristi

I like the idea, I think it will be a great one to read about. There are so many things related to the 'why' of it that it will be fascinating to read what you discovered when researching it!

I think part of it is where the woman are made to believe that what is between their legs is their only value in life so it will be interesting to see how they feel and think about what lead them to it and why they stay in it... I can imagine so many reasons for it that it will be nice to read your article!


Now I kind of have an idea to research on... Now all I'm a bit nervous about talking to the women.But, I'm mostly excited to see how that will turn out....


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua ICS- Africa


I've just started going through the ideas being put forward for this assignment and I have to say while quite a few of us are still brainstorming and trying to figure out how to go about this, you've managed to cut yourself a clear plot. Its simple and should be engaging. Looking forward to reading your piece :)

Warm Regards,

Tanya Shakil Daud

Hi Stella, You have a beautiful angle you are writing on, just approach them like a friend who want to feel what they are feeling, who understand that they must have their reason for being there. Let them see it in you and the questions you will be asking them that you are not judging them but understand that they are there to make ends meet. When they see these in you they will be able to open up to you. You may not start the interview the first day you go, use that day to make friends with them and secure their confidence, let them know that you are not there to expose them to anybody but to see what they are passing through and how you could be of help. Be confident in approaching them,don't let them see fear in you or else they will think you have something up your sleeve.

I wish you all the best

Love Busayo

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Hi Stella,

I think that the psychological and social perspective that you mention in your posting will be extremely interesting and a very engaging part of your piece. Why do society's continue to allow these types of things to go on?

As a reader, I would be interested in knowing what comes up within you during your research and interview process. It seems as if the details of what these women look like, their surroundings, their personalities, their ages, everything about them will be powerful, powerful elements to the story. Your perception of how these women really feel about their situation and hopefully their moving away from it. Direct quotes would be interesting. Insights into the circumstances that brought them to this place to begin with. I think the follow up with the rehabilitation of the twilight girls will also be a great direction to go, leading us to place where some level of healing is taking place.....

I feel such sadness when I think about this and my hope is that every step we take moves us further away from this pain.

Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the development of your piece.

In Support and Admiration,