Dear VoF friends, sisters and dear team World Pulse

Since September last year, whenever I have tried writing on World Pulse, words have just gushed out. I never had to try much.

But today, for the first time, I am struggling to find words. I can't find Words to express how it feels to have all the love and affection that came from you when the news of speaking tour came in.

So, let me abandon my vain effort to write a good, smart, touching post. Instead, I will follow my heart to say what it is echoing inside me: I WILL SAY THANK YOU.

1.Thank you Usha KC, who is the only VoF I have met in person so far. From World Pulse to Facebook to Gmail - you have been omnipresent with your love for everything I said and did. I thank you!

  1. Thank you Rumbidzai Dube, for telling me that you would find me beautiful even if all my teeth fell out! It made me laugh and cry at the same time! I have won your friendship for the rest of my life and that alone is worth a hundred grand prizes!

3.Thanks to you Monica Clarke, who started out as a fellow VoF correspondent, but went on to become a mother and an Auma to me. Its you who told me i would be on the tour, because you wanted to see me here. Gratitude!

  1. Thank you Sahro for being such a friend and always making me feel specially capable.You are the first friend I got in Somalia and I am so proud!
  2. Thank you Congolezza for offering to make me your sister in law. You can't back out now :)

6.Thank you Paulina Lawsin for introducing me to your friends in Manila, sharing with me news of your activities and your beautiful tours. It made me feel like I really had a global family,

  1. Thank you Aliya Basheer and Zonezioh for being the best cheerleaders I have ever seen !
  2. Thank you Amie, Nasreen Amina, Grace Imirimat, Lucia, Celine, Noreen, Julitte, and Iffy for all those comments and inputs.

  3. Thanks Pushpa, my editor and Sara Collins, my very cheerful mentor for almost spoiling me with your faith in me and sending all those strong wishes for this speaking tour.

  4. Thanks everyone else for helping me learn and understand so many problems, so many issues related to us women. Thank you for inspiring me with your courage, your zest for life and your spirits!

  5. And finally, thank you team World Pulse for being who you are: a home where I have found it all: love, support, encouragement and the freedom to be.

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Dear Stella,

You are an amazing writer, motivator and relationship-builder. I am happy that you have been selected for the speaking tour and I know that you would do us all proud. Keep the flag flying!

All the best, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely

Dear Osai

God has been very kind to me, giving me wonderful friends like you who are full of understanding, support and who are always doing incredible work themselves. I will definitely try to meet and honor your expectations and represent your booming voices, and that's a promise!

Love you and standing by you too.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

I have been following you all this time and inspired every-time the way you climbed the ladder to success and here you are following your Heart :-) you showed there are no limits but just your motivation and passion to move on and on and on and on........ Overwhelmed with joy

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

Oh wow Maria, how does one reply to such a beautiful message? May I send you a hug instead? You are so right though: I do get driven by passion a lot, and most of it comes through knowing people and talking to them, rather than reading books and studying strategies/theories.

This is why being in World Pulse has done wonders to me because there are so many friends here and everyone has some stories to share. I get company and inspiration all the time!

By the way, Maria, you have a way with words and you can go great heights yourself. I hope you participate in the VoF program next year. I will cheer for you. Until then, thanks and lots of love.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Thanks for this "a way with the words" :-) I like to write but it is difficult for me to be consistent so I started to write diary whenever i feel like writing to practice and get myself consistent. I hope it work soon :-) You are true that knowing and talking to people gives you a great deal to learn the emotions,physical expressions, situations, solutions which are true and practical.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)