One of my greatest hopes is that women no longer have to feel downtrodden and oppressed and are able to claim the respect that they so rightfully deserve within their communities. Coming from a patriarchal society, where women are often put down, I discovered as a UN Global Champion for Women's Empowerment that even smart and successful women are disempowered in the way that they feel that they need to apologise for wanting better lives for themselves and their families. I believe that this is a sad indictment on our society and that we need to do what we can to change these gender inequalities.

I have many skills but my greatest passion is around empowering people. I have made it a critical part of my life to uplift and empower women at all levels to step up and follow their dreams. 

As a technology entrepreneur, I have extensive branding, marketing, and connecting skills and would use the massive network and eco-system that I have developed to create awareness for VOF and provide it with access to my full network.

As a person focused on empowerment, I feel safe and spend vast amounts of time interacting with incredible women and have relationships more than 30 organisations in the entrepreneurship community which provides me with the inspiration to continue and to deliver empowerment messages to the greater community. I have even influenced the lives of more than 90,000 people through my various talks.

And when it's come to interacting with female techpreneurs, VCs and Angels, the experience has been exceptionally enlightening if not life-changing! It's been a privilege to interact with such smart, ambitious, well- educated women, many of whom are intensely focused on building their companies and creating the change in the world that they ultimately want to see. These are women looking to do something new and bold and it's phenomenally motivating to be around them!

I want this type of freedom and equality for all Women. It's this burning desire that compelled me to embark on my journey as an UN Global Champion for Women's Empowerment.

In my life, I have been blessed with having some incredible mentorship relationships with exceptional people caring about me and offering me the thoughtful and considerate guidance needed to help me grow and develop into the person that I am today. That is why I am so passionate about mentoring and helping to guide others that are often looking for that something to help them achieve their dreams.

As a result, one of my life dreams is to build an environment such as 1776 ( focusing on Africa where female entrepreneurs can have a safe place from where to overcome their fears and build up their confidence and businesses, leveraging global relationships to make a real and credible difference.