Sub Saharan Africa! What Has Come of Us In The Education Sector?

Stephen  Vunganai
Posted February 13, 2015 from United States

If recent statistics by the United Nations are anything to go by, the world is going to fail to attain universal primary education by 2015. These statistics have really proven to hard to achieve citing immerse pressure from global leaders in advocating for universal primary education. These goals were set in 2000 with the Heads of States and Governments at the United Nations. It was a very strategic global aggreement that has in itself been attacked by the same leaders and countries that have found themselves at loggerheads in opposing forign policies and national interests.

The Millenium Development Goal number two, achieving universal primary education. Zimbabwe falls in the region that has the highest number of primary school ages out of school. Sub Saharan Africa has been deeply entrenched in riddling problems that emerges from politics, economics.In sub-Saharan Africathe net enrolment ratio has only recently reached 71 percent, even after a significant jump in enrolment that began in 2000. Around 38 million children of primary school age are still out of school. 54 percent attend secondary school. In addition, substantially more children of secondary school age attend primary rather than secondary school.

Paul Kagame, the Rwandese President stated that, "Actions will only bear fruit when Africa substitutes external conditionality — that is, doing what the donors tell us to do — with internal policy clarity — that is, knowing ourselves what we need to do and articulating this vision clearly to our development partners”. This speaks highly of the situaton in the region.

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  • Mauwa Brigitte
    Feb 16, 2015
    Feb 16, 2015


    Vraiment vous êtes un jeune qui aime la nation qui a le souci de développement de votre communauté. Vous devez passer par le volontariat en sensibilisant les autres et faire comprendre la communauté que l’éducation est le point le plus capital dans la vie humaine. En effet, le gouvernement doit résoudre se problème pour que l’éducation prend son ampleur. Si la base est mal démarrée c’est toute une nation qui sera détruite à cause de non information et instruction.

  • Yvette Warren
    Feb 20, 2015
    Feb 20, 2015

    I am so happy to see your voice on World Pulse. We need more men who are passionate about social justice. Thank you.

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