LIFE, a simple word with a deep meaningful of it. There's no choice where we born nor life we want. Through time and space, we continues life to deal with something we never know about, yet we still believe with those senses indeed. What we need? What we find? What we want? and there is still a bunch of a question running around in our mind. We see, we speak, we hear, we learn and we think to improve the senses of our maturity.

Thankfulness, a must have sense to describe the life we live it. The sense that lead us to stop over, think, review, get references and move forward with a better step. A simple daily basic needs of human beings is necessity to bring us knowingly more about life itself. We can sleep in secure feel, not need in luxurious bed, while others lack of that feel because the insecure conditions like people lives in war zone is sense of thankfulness of life that everything can't bought. We still can eat and drink properly, don't need the high-priced, and really can get it easily while others haven't get the easy access and pay much is something that we have to feel grateful. We can take a bath twice a day with clean water and easy access while others have to go miles away to the source and just bring back with the less of few bucket to fulfill needs and doing again everytime they need, again is the thankfulness we ignore.

A minute running to hour, an hour get to the day, day become week, a week complete to month, a month speed up into a year and life still proceed until the time is stop. Do not waste time of yours with doing nothing but rather make your life useful, worthwhile, valuable and noble for yourself moreover to others.

“Cosmic time is the same for everyone, but human time differs with each person. Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.” ― Yasunari Kawabata


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I’m glad that you took on one of life’s big questions in one of your first posts. I agree with you, it’s important to be thankful and to share that forward by helping others. 

“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

Aimee Knight