I would like to share this story to all the women, and those who support the causes of women, sympathize with our pain, endurance and life.. This is a true story about Rumana Manzur, who was one of my teachers at University of Dhaka. She was the most kind hearted persons I have ever know. She spoke so softly to us all the time. Cant believe someone could do this her!!! Cant even imagine, how can people come to terms with such incidents in their lives- but she has done that!!! And i am so proud to think that God has given us, "women" such endurance and capacity to go through so much pain in life.

I have heard some people around me trying to find faults in her, saying that it was fault that she didn't care about her husband, she was fooling around with someone else!! Cant believe people can talk so much garbage! But my answer to that is, I have known her well, and no matter what she could have done wrong, no one deserves this!

Hope thsi story will inspire many women around the world. But what I hope most is that, those males who are so proud to be a 'man' feel a little bit ashamed of themselves, and learn to empathize with us, not just try to dominate us!

I request everyone to read the story in the given link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/blinded-ubc-law-student-now-in-her-comfort-zone-1...

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I am so glad you posted this story of triumph in the face of tragedy and pain. I have no doubt her story will inspire many and perhaps spark a flicker of courage to those who are also suffering.

She is a role model for the women of Bangladesh, of Canada and of this world.

this story is one of hope and it beckons us to fight to end violence against women. men need to respect women's decisons and women need to stand firmer to stop this madness.

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest. regards pela