Ever since my childhood I was inspired by the stories of women who despite odds carved a niche for themselves. Oftentimes I felt my story coincide with that of theirs at some point of time. I once watched a telly adaptation of a real life story of a woman who rose to a higher position in spite of odds. She was the first woman in my life who literally sowed the seeds of change in me. Since then my conviction became firm and I strongly began to believe that the best way to empower women folk is none other than education. In my life I have struggled and strived to get the place I hold right now and it was due to education. Had I not stood up for my own rights I would have never reached at my present place. This journey was difficult and tiresome and often I felt bogged down by my own people. At every step I had to face strong rejection in many matters. Whatever decision I took was considered futile. In a way I was unrepresented in my own home. I wasn’t allowed to voice my feeling because it was considered something manly and out of my domain. The emphasis was always about lowering my gaze as well as voice. Education gave me wings to fly; it gave me voice to speak out loud for my own rights. My voice won me many opponents in my own family. I was looked down as an out caste and my education was always cursed for this colossal change in my mind set. Despite all odds I won my first battle. I succeeded in empowering myself with the treasure of education. Today I am more confident and assertive about the things around me. Hurdles will come throughout life but I will certainly cross all blockades like I did when I was all alone throughout this journey. I was unheard and I felt I speak to a likeminded community. The moment I browsed through PulsewWire, I felt that I am not alone and there are lot more women who are or have suffered the same fate. It was empathy rather than sympathy that drove me closer to the online community on pulseWire. For the first time, PulseWire online community gave me a chance to share my story with others. After reading stories on PulseWire, I began to realise that my pain in nothing before what Halima or other women had gone through. I realized the importance of networking because together we can make a difference. Every drop together make an ocean, likewise we all women can together extend a hand to those who need us. There are, however many unheard voices waiting for an encouragement. They need a medium, a platform to speak their hearts out like I did on PulseWire. Personally I believe that this online community can provide a platform for discussion and debate to garner a massive support for thousand of unheard voices so that we can foresee a substantial change in our world.


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Hi, Thank for making me walk with you through this journey.It brought alot of nostalgia to my past,and just thinking the way society can look down upon a girl.The story is powerful,you are full of confidence and a focused mind.I believe in you when you say I empowered myself through education. Good day.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

Dear Sumera:

And now you are becoming like that woman you heard on the telly, who inspired you! Your example is empowering other women who live in difficult situations, because you are sharing what you have learned from your own life experience. That is a powerful thing to do – to share our own stories by reaching out our hands and our voices to each other.

As you say, all those drops together make up an ocean – and when the ocean speaks, everyone hears! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

Kindest regards, Rosemary

Dear Sumera

Thank you for the courage to become educated - this has given you the voice you now have and many others will benefit from your voice here on worldpulse and beyond its borders. It is hard to have family and friends who dont understand or need the same freedom you have chosen but keep going - you have power and you are using it - connecting here with other women has already shown you how to be strong and I feel you will become a great mentor to others.

kind regards Cate


one line in your story jumped out at me: "The emphasis was always on lowering my gaze as well as my voice."

How wonderful that you did not lower your gaze or voice and your are now here amplifying it to inspire and encourage other women like you all over the world. You are strong and together with other voices, I believe you will make a difference.

Well done and be blessed for sharing,