To live a satisfying life is a big task and to be an agent of change is a real challenge. I don’t want to live a routine life; I want to do something so that even if I die I will be remembered forever. Being mortal I want to be an immortal. These words might seem utopia to some people but this is true that I want to serve humanity in a way that tomorrow when I die, I shouldn’t regret that my life wasn’t worth it and whatever time Almighty gave to me, went in vain. I don’t want to disarray myself in past or keep thinking about my failures and hurdles; rather I want to think ahead of future as an agent of change and a revolutionary so that the bottlenecks I faced during my journey, no one else can face ever in life. Surely, in future I would like to see many women coming out of their cocoons, speaking up for their rights and voicing for other women so that together we can magnify the chances of success. I have made up my mind of being a citizen journalist and report women rights in my area, share their stories and look for remedial measures. Change is slow but not impossible and I can predict I can be a social justice leader in future for sure because I have larger welfare of people at heart. My future is quite clear. I want to be an active journalist with a mission to work for the marginalized and downtrodden community in my area or elsewhere in the world with a vision to bring in a colossal change in their outlook about their lives. As a journalist, I want to sow the seeds of change so that I could anticipate women empowerment at a major scale. As an agent of change I want to leave a trail behind me before I die. My aim is to see women on the forefront and their larger participation in decision making at home or at the work place. I could foresee my future as a revolutionary and an instrument of change for women all over the world, especially in Kashmir. I, as women could feel the pain of those who have been raped emotionally as well as physically. I want to heal their wounds, strap up their bruises, give them a pat, extend my hand and offer my shoulder at the hour of need because I was all alone in my journey when I started my march towards my own empowerment. As a matter of fact my future vision coincides with my reason why I want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent. Women Rights is the area where I want to specialize and work on in future, and my raisen detra for joining Voices of Our Correspondents is to hone my skills so that I can bring forth women issues before the world, share the stories with the women the world around and then seek measures to bring in relief to those who need my help in future. This program will help me to get expert advice on how to use social media in amplifying women issues around the world. In a way this program will empower me first and then I can utilize my expertise in raising my voice for my community. I believe that together, we, through this program can bind with each other globally; share our mutual concerns and then work together to overcome problems. Through social networking I can form a global chain with the women of all shades, extend my reach and seek their help in resolving problems o women in my area. I am sure once I and other like minded women succeed in doing so, later we can help each in all possible ways. We can form a viable platform for future.


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I have spent a lot of time in India.

Last year I was there in the North around Delhi, and also in the South .... Bangalore and beyond.

It is changing so rapidly.

I know there is a huge difference between the lifestyles in the villages and the big cities.

Bangalore has changed so much. It felt like I was the only one there in a sari. There are shopping malls and all of the prices were so high. In the Delhi airport, a cup of coffee was $3-$4.

Is this progress? All societies shift and change.

I am curious to hear your point of view on how all of this change is affecting women in India.

I look forward to you response.

love, joya

Thank you for your entry and your expression of a desire to make a change in the world so others never have to experience what you have. I wish you success and am glad to have women like you out there working on being the change they want to see in the world!

Hello there!

Thank you for your post. I wish you all the success in attaining what you aspire to change in the world around you. I would like to know more about your plan of action for attaining that vision.

Kind regards.

Iffat Gill

Hi Iffat,

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I would like to work for marginalized and vulnerable populace in conflict affected areas like in Kashmir, Afghanistan and Palestine. I don't want to confine myself to one particular area because education is nation-less and I want to disseminate it like food packets.

Kind regards, Sumera

Dear Sumera Greeting from America! I was touched by your essay for this week's assignment. You are definely not destined to live a routine life! Already you are forging a vision of what you wish to do with your one, wonderful life. And I believe that it is likely that you have already done such things for which you WILL be remembered long after you are gone from this Earth. Even one smile can transform another person's life, yes?

Now, onto the issue of VOF. I do believe that VOF would be a great opportunity for you. You have already "come out of your cocoon" and are ready to spread your wings and fly, then teach other women to follow your example. Regardless of whether you are one of the VOF finalists, know that your work is worthy and true, that your vision and voice have great value, and that you have the courage and tenacity to bring about the 'colossal change' about which you write. I believe in you, Sumera, and I wish you all good things in the future.

Namaste, Ann

Dear Ann,

I am thankful to you for your kind words. Yes I can and I will bring in a revolutionary change first in my life and later in the lives of thousands other women who need my assistance. Like a chain reaction I will leave a multiplier effect.

Kind regards, Sumera

Yes, Sumera. I believe you WILL leave a multipier effect. Every woman who stand up and works to better herself becomes a multiplier. Other women and girls see what you are doing and it inspires them to wish for and work for a better life for themselves and their family.

We all stand on the shoulders of the golden dreaming women of courage and vision who came before us and opened even little doors for us to push through. Now you are poised to be the shoulders for the next wave of golden dreaming women!!

I send you love and support as you move closer to your own unfoldment and to the wonderful work that you will do.

Best, Ann