Are teens really difficult to deal with ?????

Sumia Abbasi
Posted February 24, 2013 from Pakistan

i had many times come across this discussion Teens are so hard to deal, teens are really annoying, today`s generations is unpredictable, ill mannered and least assertive… the most commonly heard sentences and phrases of adults whether older siblings, parents or teachers, in every era. Though, no doubt it is difficult period, but what make it so hard for us to deal those teens, those children whom we have brought up in our hands?? Whom we have taught to lead the life… how can our products be defaulted? Do we accept every time we nurture and control our teens our children and still they are wrong if not always then almost…

Do we ever think why it is so? Did we teach them wrong? Was there lacking at parents side? Why we are not able to understand one another??

Teen is the period where children are going through many changes, it’s hard for teens as well as they go through the conflict of identity vs. roles and responsibility. Parents always complain them, adults always discuss about teens attitude..Do we ever talk about their needs?

Do we always try to be their good friends? If yes then what makes this gap this distance exist even after.

If you have teen then undoubtedly you are familiar of conflicts, it’s not possible to eradicate conflicts but there is always a way to resolve. Growing up is itself is hard we need to understand that teens are dependent on siblings and parents. This is the stage where if they not being understood they look for other sources of dependence e.g. Friends, gangs, bad company, drug addictions hence leading to long term effects on their life.

It’s not only a risk for individual and family but also for a society and ultimately a nation. What parents can do is:

· Be friends, improve sharing · Never scold or react on things immediately but make teens reflect on · Make teens realize and verbalize good and bad · Strict reaction may lead to –hiding truth in front of you · Arrange get together for their friends so that you could know their friend circles · Appreciate on even minor achievements and motivate further · Never compare sibling or with any other class mate · Accept that everyone has his/her own capacity level

it can be difficult but never impossible

Purpose of this post is not to blame anybody for anything but to make every one think on his/her end to make things betters….

Leaving you with many thoughts.

Please do comment and criticize .

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