About Me:
I started working quite late in life - when I was about 32 years old. A dead end marriage brought me out into the real world. And I have fended for myself. I was fortunate I began working for non-profits and the past over twenty years have seen me grow stronger. I really know that it was my chosen area of work that sustained me in every sense of the word.

I enjoy reading, writing, meeting people, cooking and love watching movies. I have recently started yoga and it actually works to increase my working hours. I am 58, strong in health, still raring to go and love my work. My children, friends, relatives and Facebook keeps me busy and active.

I enjoy life and living it up. But I still cant do the math!

My Passions:
Music and Internet

My Challenges:
Keeping Up with the World

My Vision for the Future:
Accomplished Womanhood

My Areas of Expertise:
Listening, Learning, Writing...

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