I need your vote Again! "Microfinance Project for Girls: Alleviating Poverty through School and College Level Girls "

Sunita Basnet
Posted January 24, 2011 from Nepal

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your vote. Please vote for my innovative ideas. The project is: Microfinance Project for Girls: Alleviating Poverty through School and College Level Girls

"“Women Saving Group” is a Microfinance project run by a group of women at Mrigauliya Morang in the eastern part of Nepal. Each member deposit $0.75 every month and provide loan for education, agriculture, business and house at 1.5% without any mortgage. Besides loan, the group focuses on networking and advocates women’s right. Many families who have been striking from poverty are remarkably benefiting. We are assured and have learned from these running three Microfinance programs have benefitted the whole community which will help us work more effectively and skillfully. We want to expand this innovatory project to other places focusing on school and college level girls if we are supported because we believe that until and unless women are economically stronger and are not in the decision level, poverty remains the same. Maiya is a single woman and a mother of two daughters and a son who lives at Mrigauliya Morang. Her husband died from pneumonia because of striking poverty. According to UNESCO statistics(2004), about 69% of the total population in Nepal lived with less than $2 in a day. Her children were depriving from food and education so we helped Maiya to join the project and provide loan for her children’s education. Currently, her two children are studying at Panchayat MAVI. Maiya is one of thousands mother/ parent who are forced to stop their children’s education and send them to work in informal sector because of striking poverty. We also provide her fertilizer loan to grow cash crop and house loan to repair her house. Everyone respect her.

This innovative project aims to decrease poverty, gender inequality and increase the number of student enrollment. The literacy rate of Nepal is only about 57% but the women’s literacy rate is only below 30%. This huge gap and lack of proper educational opportunities for women clearly reflects why women have been one of the most marginalized groups in Nepal. We believe that enabling women to attaining education can play effective role in bringing some meaningful changes in their lives. We also think that our proposed project will help each member to become economically stronger so that they can come forward in their respective societies as the vehicles for socio-economic transformation that the country is deemed in need of.

This project is based on two parts. Firstly, we plan to arrange several days of workshop among grade ten and college level girls students so as to let them realize the importance of Microfinance project in their community and ultimately become less dependent on their parents which will encourage them to open Microfinance projects.

Finally, we will go to as many secondary level schools and colleges as possible and help interested girl to form Microfinance project in their community, where we believe women from their community will also join the project. In the initial phase of the project, we will support each project by providing $7 equivalent stationeries that are needed.

We highly believe that this project will benefit mostly women through which they can contribute in their families and communities in the near future. " Please share with your friends and Facebook to support me.

There are some steps you need to follow. First register your id and then they will send you user name and password . Then Login and vote for me.

vote me in this link. http://utideas.secure.force.com/ideaView?id=08780000000DaZtAAK

if you have more than one email id you can register it and vote several times. I would be grateful if you do that.

Thank you for your valuable time.

With admiration Sunita

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