Nepal is a country of our father and brother’s property. We, the daughters and sisters are ignored from every sectors. No matter how much we are educated or aware of our rights, we cannot go against our family, friends, community and government because we are taught to be dumb even we have voice to talk with our husbands, families, relatives and friends. We do have the felling to cry when we are in pain or hurt by others, but we are shy to show others or talk about it. We hide our pains and try to smile in front of others because we are scared of family prestige.

However, we don’t have right to speak out or to be heard by others when we are oppressed or discriminated against. We work and live together with our fathers, brothers and husbands, but are treated differently. Although, we plant together, all the fruits belong to our brothers, fathers and husbands. Whatever happened with us, we love each and every living and non-living things of our land. We love our brothers, fathers and husbands.

We don’t have words to say how much we love and care them, but we are not servants. We neither are tame animals nor are we second class citizens. We don’t want to be treated differently. We want the change but we don’t want to involve in violence because we know “an eye for an eye will only makes the whole world blind”. It will not solve the problems.