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Though Women care their families, they are neglected from hundreds years ago. No one speaks for them; their voices are diminishing sometimes as a daughter, a sister, a mother or as a wife. They have less access to education, employment, property, and training then men. In addition, women are politically and economically backwards because women's literacy rate is very low compared to men in Nepal though they covered 50% of total population. Since media is a most effective way to raise our voice, as a part of modern technologies Web 2.0 allows a golden opportunity by providing the space for women to speak for their own.

Web 2.0 is a great solution to empower women because women have words to speak but didn’t have voice to rise for their rights and this is a best time to speak for their own. It also helps to share stories and knowledge by women to global community. Although, Women are from different country, they can share problems, experiences and solutions with the same interest people around the world via internet. Women will lead the world to solve every global issue. So Web 2.0 will help to balance the number of women in organizations and companies. This is a unique way to empower women. Women will raise their neglected voice through the world pulse from every corner of the world and shake the world.

It is exciting because I believe Pulse Wire will give a chance to use the tools of modern technology and Internet by providing training to me. It will help me to speak out as a reporter. I have imagined if I would have the opportunities, I would tell my stories to others and also speaks for others. I would speak about global issues and its solution. This is an incredible opportunities for me to develop and speak myself because web 2.0 has provide me my space. For an instance, When I published my journal “A Journey of My Life” I didn’t have words to explain how I feel when somebody read my story and encourage and support me. It was a great support for me from the global community. When I get admiration and inspiration from some of my world pulse friends and member, I do not have the limit of my happiness. I feel as a writer to myself though I am poor in writing. World pulse realizes me the power of words which is a key to shake the world.

It empowered me to be united, to speak for myself and also understand others. As an individual, I get chance to know the real world how women’s are suffering and how their voices are ignored? How can we raise our voices from modern technology? In fact I am proud to join world pulse and it will be my pleasure if I get chance to attain citizen journalism training from world pulse. Providing a training seems small but this small change will make a big different in my life.

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Your post really spoke to me. Sometimes I'm amazed at how such a simple act of writing -- putting your thoughts into words before the world -- can make such a big difference, in one's own life and in the lives of other women, and hopefully the world! I hope you keep sing the power of your words to shake the world!

Dear Nwan, We know words are powerful but sometimes even we try to rise of voice, we will face many difficulties in our life. At that point, our life will seem challenging to us. I am very happy world pulse has given me a golden opportunity to raise my voice, spread my voice to our global community. Thank you for your comment.


With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Sunita:

I really hope to have the chance and still hearing your voice .... you do not "feel as a writer" ... YOU ARE ONE!!

keep writing from you heart !! Regards and thanks from Mexico !!

Cristina Avila-Zesatti - Journaliste&ProductriceMain Editor:

"Un milagro no es la suspensión de una ley natural, sino la implementación de una ley superior"

Dear Avila-zesatti, Thank you for your inspiration words. Your small inspirations help me to raise my voice. Though I am not good at writing but I am not going to give up. I will continue writing and hope to be a good writer one day. Once again thank you so much from Nepal. Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Sunita, already people are listening to your voice, engaging with your writing and are moved by your stories. Not only are you positively impacting the lives of those you write about, but are touching those who read about their lives. You show that it is not so much the words that are written but the spirit of those words that can change the world. You may think your writing is poor but you are eloquent in your ideas and passion. Don't stop writing as people are listening.

I wish you all the best with Voices of Our Future.

Thannks for your inspiration. I too believed words are powerful but I meant to say I am weak in writting. Tahnks for your inspiration. Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet


I am excited for you that you have found world pulse and are motivated to improve your writing skills and let your voice be heard. I loved that your post spoke of feeling empowered and happy that you are connecting with women around the world. I would have liked to see you build a little on some of your ideas. For example, you state that women are politically and economically backwards compared to men. That is not always true in my country, so an example of what you mean by that would help me understand better what point you are trying to get across. So, a sentence following that one might be: "This is because women do not get elected to governments and are unable to obtain leadership positions in industry." Think about developing some of your ideas a bit further. How will women lead the world to solver every global issue? How do you see women shaking the world? What do you see as the solutions to global issues?

I felt a great deal of emotion when I read your post, and as a writer I can tell you that this is the most critical piece in writing. The technical piece will come as you practice more. You can not teach a photographer how to capture an image with their camera but you can teach anyone how to develop a photograph. You can not teach a writer how to relay emotion into words but you can teach anyone grammer and sentence structure. You, my friend, are a great writer!


Dear Gemma, I apology my mistake not to mention that is the situation of Nepal. Actually according to 2001 census women's literacy rate was only 42.49 % ( ). 50% of total population is women but in last Sambidhan Sabha (Constituent Assembly) every party should elected at least 5% women which was a great improvement to involve in politics. This is why women do not get opportunities to involve in politics as well as in employment so they are backwards. Next time i will try to make it clear. Thank you for your suggestion. Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet


Thanks for this information. One of the things I love most about connecting with women around the globe is what we can learn from each other. Although we are from different countries, sitting at great distances, you are teaching me about you and your country. I hope that I can also be of some benefit to you in this process.

As we go through the Voices journey together, I am eager to continue to learn from you and am so happy that you are engaged in this process. Let us continue to share our stories and determine together to help women's voices be heard.


Dear Gemma, You Welcome. If I were you, I would also want to learn about my friend and her country. Thanks for giving me time for my mistake. I will learn from my mistake and will not repeat such mistake again in the future. Yes I am always there if I can do any things more, let me know. Feel free to talk any things. I admire you.

With Love and Regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Emma, You are the one who suggested me how to write effectively. Thank you so much because of you I got a chance to be one of the future correspondence of world pulse. Do you know I am selected in this process and is eagierly waiting to attain the training from world pulse. Now it's my responsibility to write about my country people and their situation. I will try my best to bring unheard story in world pulse. Thank you With Love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet