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Today I was surprised, when I came to know that Leader’s wife was sold as slavery in Lebanon from Nepal. Women trafficking in Nepal are not current issues. It happened from years and years in order to support their family. Sometimes women are sold for prostitution and sometimes as slavery while searching for better income. This is because people have low income and high number of illiterate women so there are many stories about women trafficking in the recent days. More than 200,000 Nepalese girls are involved in sex trade. As 2001 census only 34.9% of women are educated where women covered 60% of total population. Moreover according to the CIA fact of 2008, over 46% of total population is suffering from unemployment. Additionally, It didn’t happen in every parts of the country but in those parts where women are suffering from poverty, women illiterate rate is high and districts near the border of India. The most common areas used by traffickers are in the districts of Sindhupalchow, Makwanpur, Dhading and Khavre (Wadhwa, 1998). Two days ago there was news about Nepalese Woman trafficking in Lebanon as slavery. This is not a single story but this was highlighted because she is the wife of Nepal Dalit Union Sindhupalchow district president’s Laxman Bishokarma. Sindhupalchow district is always forward in Women’s trafficking. This news was published in newspaper named Rajdhani, on Friday, 08 May, 2009 in Nepali. Among them Dalit leader wife’s Sushila Baraeli is one of them who were sold in search of better income. Sushila went for foreign employment to Lebanon 11 months ago. Due to the low financial income Sushila was forced to go to Lebanon with the help of Serang Sangbo and Kathmandu’s Som Bahadur Lama who were arranging to send her to Malaysia. She was sending in individual visa without the involvement of Employment Company. According to the article she was sold to house owner of Lebanon on RS. 250,000. At present, the owner had demanded RS. 250,000 to return Sushila to her country but Sushila’s husband told that he didn’t have that much to bring back to his wife. She is not a wife but also is a mother of a daughter. The police had already arrested to Serang Sangbo who was involved in this crime. Currently, Sushila husband is requesting to political parties to help him to bring his wife back to the country but till now there is no any response from political parties. At present there is a fresh political crisis in the country because of conflict between president and prime minister.

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Tim McGirk, "Nepal's Lost Daughters, India's soiled goods," Nepal/India: News, 27 January 1997
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He SOLD his wife? If it is illegal can they use that as a justification for bringing her back over country lines? Home owner in Lebanon should then be arrested and her returned. ...Is is illegal in Malaysia? I need to find that out... But still, a task force, they would nee help with this, I know things like this need funding. How is the legal system over there? Hm. "sold". I understand being poor...the world wide economic fabric needs to repaired where it is tattered so things like don't happen.

Dear friend, There is no any information about selling wife by her husband. But her husband is requesting to polotical parties and journalist to help him bring back his wife. I have no idea about Malaysia but it's not legal in Nepal. Yeap, there is much more to do in Nepal. I also demand the same as you said that home owner in Lebanon should then be arrested. Whereever it has happened it's all about human beings so there should not be any law which will forced women to be slavery. Thank you for your great concern. With Love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

The problem of trafficking is so widespread and prevalent today. Sunita, if you are interested in this issue, you might like to connect with member, Kathleen Maloney-Dunn, who recently worked as a visiting legal professional on war crimes appeals from Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Returning to Portland, Oregon she has been working on trying to change Oregon's laws on trafficking to bring them up to other states', federal, and international standards.

Dearest Janice, Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have just send her friend request to her. Though I am not a law student, but as a citizen I am interested to work in this sector to bring equality in my country. Thank you With Love and Regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet