Dear friends, You might be surprised and do not believed me, but it's true. It happened in my life after joining world pulse. I also believe that one day I will be successful. Let me share with some of the opportunities, I received after joining World Pulse.

Although I am extravert and love to talk with people and write about them, I was little shy and nervous because of my English. Slowly world Pulse friends and staffs encourage and inspire me to write. I can remember my first assignment where I have mentioned "Women are illiterate in Nepal". Immediately, I got a feed back from this wonderful community's people mentioning that "we need to support our statement too. The best way to support our statement is to provide statistics and supporting details." I accept it. Gradually, I learnt from every member who commented me. I am very thankful to world Pulse. I become interested to write in English.

Finally, when I am selected over 500 candidates for the voice of future correspondence training. Our University administration are so excited about my training. They support me in various ways. Their supports are opportunities for me. For instance, I got Laptop and Internet facility for my training from the University. The most important thing is, I got respect from people. Not only in my University,but also in BOSTON, USA (AUW support foundation), they know me. Whenever I met people from Boston, they asked me about world pulse and my project. People wanted to listen my voice. They wanted to help me in my project.

I got more respect after my interview from the University. I got many emails mentioning that they admired me. I know it's challenging to achieve my goal. Every email, I received from World Pulse, AUW support foundation, AUW administration, inspire and encourage me to fight against every challenges. That's a strength I received.

This is my interview from my university and is published in our university (Asian university for Women). I hope you will be happy to read about me here. Aren’t you? I would suggest you to visit this website and comment me.

This is published in a title ""Access Academy Student Sunita Basnet Wins Global World Pulse Mentorship Contest" in Asian University for Women website. is the link it published in our University. If you have time you can visit this website.

This is also a page where you can find my interview in our Asian University for Women

Please provide me feedback after reading this interview.

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Hey Sunita,

I read your interview and I was sooo proud of you! You are so articulate, compassionate and inspiring! I love the work you do and you are driven to succeed and acquire more knowledge, I love that about you!

Anyways, it was a great interview and I'm happy you benefited from attending AUW!


Dear Kizzie, I am glad that you read my interview. Thank you so much for your valuable time and efforts. Yes, but unfortunately I need to submit all because to get clearance from the university. Anyway still we have access to Internet that's not a big deal. How do you do?

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet


I'm great! It would be great to meet sometime. We have something similar to AUW in Sudan called AUW too! Ahfad university for Women They have a great masters program in gender and development and gender and peace-building if you are interested!

All the luck, I'm glad you still had access to internet so we can stay in touch and you continue writing here:D

hugs. Kizzie

Dearest Kizzie, namaskar, It will be my pleasure to meet you. The course you suggest me seems so interesting to me but I haven't finish my bachelor. I am sorry. I opened the website nad it seems really interesting to me. Yes, i do have access to internet.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet


Yes, I know,you are graduating in July:) Good luck with that! I just graduate recently! How does it feel to be graduating?


Hi Kizzie, This is Access Academy graduation not a actual graduation. Even this is not a real graduation, I am so excitied to join. Today we have rehealsal and tomorrow is our final. I cannot wait till tomorrow. Thank you so much. Kizzie I also qualify to be a One Young Leader and mow searching someone to sponsor me but till now I didn't find? So Sad... Do you know anyone who can help me? Would you mind talking with Janice for more detail.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

great spirit and strong passion...really encouraging and motivating...wake up all nepali 'cheli haru' (sisters) for the change challenging the time and space...

Every successful person has a painful story, every painful story has a successful ending...

Dear Chandra, Thank you somuch for your comment. Yes I gree with you. I know it's already late but still we have some time we need to wake up and be aware of every opportunities. with regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet