Lets see... I'll start with what is in my diary. Just what I have learned.

I hate it when men think they are above morals, I didn't like the fact that they rape and my mom said this, "Rape is about power not pleasure." Me Twin said that, "There must be a lot of frustrated men if they feel that powerless." Hmm... I came to this conclusion, In me perfect world, men will be castrated as a punishment. Yeah. But her philosophy is this;

When you think of ruling the world, you have to think your plans through because if you don't other people against you will use it against you. How the other side are organized and they work together. They cover each other weaknesses and they test their waters before doing something. ... The other side is the bad side, greedy people who are corrupt. They work together to get good guys so they can get everything. That is how bad people work, Mina gets that now.. She has grown up and has learned how the other side works and how she can counter it.

About bad guys, they are weak when someone stands up to them. The only way to make them go away forever isn't by forcing them out, its by example. Your example is the best attack, your not using force therefor your not giving in to their ways.

"Action gets results, but example gets you there."

Action may seem to be the only way permanently stop bad guys, but you grow s much when you show them. Like say they pushed you to the ground but you don't push them back. When they are left wandering why you didn't shove them back, you've won. See, when you don't shove them back that means your stronger as a person. This doesn't count all the time! I believe in battle the stronger you are inside is you are against the darkness. If you can see clearly who YOU are clearly, then there is no darkness. Some people in the darkness will see your light and follow your example and will follow your light. That is what an example is.

... ... ... Am Mina making sense at all? She's sorry if you have a hard time understanding what she is trying to put across! This paragraph is all about fighting bad guys and fighting them with example. She doesn't mean that you shouldn't do action at all!! Vote, send letters, make the cause know, those sort of things is action but great! SO please don't put her into an extremists category.

Anyway, you know your self you can't get lost in the darkness. Some people lose themselves to the darkness and turn evil but a lot of people are just dark. Most just need direction and find there way again but sometimes a person can get so lost that they fall into nothingness..

(Does she sound like she's preaching...?) She is not trying to say that everyone is lost and needs to find a way to go, no. I am just talking about the really hurt ones.. Yeah...

................................... Um... Yes....Bye.

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I loved reading your article and hwo you are trying to shape your values and beliefs. I just wanted to point out that you sound very hesitant and insecure and that is something to work on. Baby step by baby step it will come! It might help to explain that part of your meaning is where you were thinking of how in Logic that it is the form and not the truth that is judged so others can see the context of your words. And this is where your thoughts flowed from that starting point.

It might also help to remember that a lot of the woman on here have English as their second or third language so write a first rough draft and get it sounding good then posting that one as the 'rough draft' of your ideas. It might be hard for some woman to understand your meaning since your manner of speech is unusual. It takes time to figure out what you mean in that kind of case where they need to translate it into 'English English" first then into their language and by then there are new posts to think about.

It is great that you are not afraid to try and that you continue to figure out how to express your ideas. You sound so young in a way that it is hard to imagine you are graduating tomorrow from high school! Have you been trying to respond to other woman's post yet? Even if you are unsure what to say exactly you can always just say a quick 'hi there, I liked your post." to them to show interest.

take care,