My Manifest - Empty Gloves

Susana Khabbaz
Posted April 1, 2014 from Spain
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This simple image becomes sacred when it allows individuals to become themselves. Sometimes I think life is like a glove missing a hand….waiting to come to life with a vivid authenticity.

We should honor our hands, for they hold the maps of who we are. They hold channels of energy and with them we paint our own horizons. Gloves are a body awaiting its hands, -the noble soul that will live within.-

If hands spoke…maybe, we would not need the voice.

I have put my hands in many gloves, and have painted many things whilst using them, allowing my souls ‘own shapes express themselves and touch yours.

Remember, the gloves are here waiting for you… All you need is your own will, virtue and clarity.

I´m sharing a little bit of my soul through my painting…

I don´t think while I paint… Only then do the colors appear

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  • Emily Garcia
    Apr 03, 2014
    Apr 03, 2014

    Dear Susana,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul, art, and poetry with us! I love when you say our hands "hold the channels of energy and with them we paint our own horizons." I have never thought of my hands so symbolically in this way, but to do so is empowering. With my hands, I build my future, I reach out to touch another, I scribble my thoughts to life, I prepare the food that keeps me strong...these hands help me carry on and embrace each new day.

    You are a woman of many talents. Your creativity pulses in your words. I look forward to seeing more of your work, lovely Susana!

    Best wishes, Emily

  • Susana Khabbaz
    Apr 05, 2014
    Apr 05, 2014

    Dear Emily, Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad my words reached your soul... Your hands are sacred...they are great friends!! I believe it is worth to be thankful for what they allow us to do... Emily... design your dreams, I'm sure they'll come true. Peace&love, Susana Khabbaz

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