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The International Museum of Women, an innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world.

They have raised a question through social networks : What is equality ?

Aware that there are many ways to claim equality, I do it from my proposal as a painter, as someone who merges the colors and words to express ideas

Duality - Equality

"Humanity is represented by a male wing and a female one…it may fly and evolve only if the two wings are equally displayed, when each wing performs its functions and nature. These two wings are not the same, how wonderful!, what a sublime difference !... Equality can only be understood by digging into the depths of the spirit"

What comes first?… paintings or texts?… I do not know, it is never the same, each one is like a living being manifesting in different ways.

There are moments when words come before images, in other occasions images are the first to come but sometimes both images and words come together at the same time, and whilst brushes dance words sound inside me…

Thus was born my art and I share it as a very intimate expression of my being. Art is a huge ally that lets us live life with honesty and brightness that a touch of magic gives day after day…a message of light and color to humanity. http://www.imow.org/

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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Dear sister (I can say nothing different, from your beautiful words),

I warmly agree with you. Anyone of us is a form, a shape, a moment, a viewpoint. Intertwined (literally!) with all others.

As m.me Badinter said better I can in her book, "L'un est l'autre". Our natural entanglement has something very deep behind of it - I'm not sure of this "rationally", but I can feel it so strongly, to the point I'm sure anyway. We all appreciate the very same beauty - in wonderfully, subtly different ways. We all share so much, much beyond we can express in words, beginning with a three point six (more or less ;-) ) billion years history of life with all its experiments. We co-create life. Life co-creates us...

We all can, and do, love - again, in many apparently different shapes.

I wonder how God would see our so similar differences. Sometimes I imagine Him/Her to smile quietly, in amazed love, of our little conundrums.

Love, and peace.


Dear Mauri, I hope this finds you well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feeling in such a deep way. I strongly believe that "l'un est l'autre"... it does sounds simple and plane yet it's the essence of many things...we're all one! By perceiving life from that point, everything becomes more meaningful. Thanks for being there...knitting and working on this huge human net! peace,love and colors to you, Susana K

Susana Khabbaz Pintora | Pittrice | Painter www.susanakhabbaz.com https://www.facebook.com/SusanaKhabbaz.Pintora.Pittrice.Painter

Twitter: @SusanaKhabbaz

Thank you, Susana, for this beautiful visual description of equality!

I love the image of one feminine and one masculine wing. I have a butterfly necklace that has gorgeous (and different) markings on the front and the back. I'm constantly reminded that, just like that wing, each of us possesses an outward side and an inner side- regardless of our gender or circumstance!

I'm appreciative of your shining a lantern on the wonderful collaborations and work of the International Museum of Women. I think it's hugely important to share resources and to encourage as many platforms of artistry and creative expressions as possible!

I am a poet and a photographer, and I really resonate with your comments about how sometimes the words come first and other times the images. For me this is also true, and I strive to capture a sense of story regardless of the medium that I'm using.

Thank you for your post and for being a beacon of brightness and magic for all women with the work and art that you create!

Best wishes, Kristie

Hello, Thanks for your words. As I was reading your lines..., I was thinking of how small the world is... By resonating with people...I feel this special magic that keep me going on towards Heaven. We're doing the same..., what a wonderful thing!! Painting, photography, images, words... they're our weapons and tools!! Thanks for sharing...everything makes sense! love&colors, Sue

p.s. It would be an honor to share some of your writings, texts, photos thru my website, social networks, etc...

Susana Khabbaz Pintora | Pittrice | Painter www.susanakhabbaz.com https://www.facebook.com/SusanaKhabbaz.Pintora.Pittrice.Painter

Twitter: @SusanaKhabbaz

Dear Susana, Thank you for sharing how the magic of the creative process is expressed in your work. And for letting us know about the International Museum of Women. I can't imagine a world devoid of art. Indeed it is a conduit for an influx of light and color for humanity. I appreciate your adding your insights and talents to the web that is begin woven. Thank you! Bheki

Oui, Bonjour ma chère SUSANA?, C'est juste apporter un petit commentaire sur votre article, et c'est vraiment pure et simple ceux dont vous venez de dire, et celà m'a reveler quelque chose dans ma tete et c'est une adage dans mon dialecte, ECINYABUGUMA C'OCHIYIRHA ENGWI: ça veux dire que une seule personne ne peut pas tuer un lion, en un mot, nous disons que ensemble c'est possible, comme l'a dit un ecrivain, que le feu brule si haut qu cas où chacun y aporte un morceau de bois Merci et à plus Bajira Anne


Oh ! Merci beaucoup ma chère , c'est que tu me dis est reciproque, c'est moi qui le dirai au par avant, Tes amitiés sont les bienvennues Prochainnement en ligne BAJIRA Anne


Hello Susana, Gratitude to you for sharing your heart, thoughts, inspirations trough your art paints. I specially love this phrase that you wrote: Equality can only be understood by digging into the depths of the spirit" At the end we are all one, and we deserve the same treatment, rights. I checked your website and I'm was delighted to see all your art work. Keep this amazing and inspirational part of you. Abrazos. MariaAle

Maria Alejandra Alcaraz

Hi Susana,

Great job on your post and what an interesting take on equality, from your unique point of view as artist-writer. Thank you for supplying us readers with a beautifully written visual to take away and some insights into how your creative process works.

I just took a quick look at the IMOW site and it is certainly a rich resource of material for advancing and communicating about women's rights to information access - digital or otherwise.

Cheers, Anna

_______________________________________________________________________ Life is how you design it.

I love the way you describe the use of an online platform as a way to share artwork that promotes a conversation and helps women to build their ideas together. Lovely!

Leslie Stoupas

Dear Leslie Thanks for your feedback...I welcome you to visit my website. You'll see that I always enhance the idea of "togetherness". Us...instead of me. By being together, holding hands , understanding and respecting other's perspectives (despite cultural and all kind of differences) I strongly believe this could become a better world to step in. I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you, Yours, Susana

Susana Khabbaz Pintora | Pittrice | Painter www.susanakhabbaz.com https://www.facebook.com/SusanaKhabbaz.Pintora.Pittrice.Painter

Twitter: @SusanaKhabbaz

What is equality? Is a very good Question. Let me try to answer Your Question. Equality is When women are heard in time enough to avoid human dameges.

Ilda Maria varela

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique