The crimes against women never cease to exsist!!! the very moment we are are in our mothers wombs and found out to be girls the injustice starts...... we live in such a hypocritical society where family values and traditions are given much importance and yet goddesses are worshipped with much love and devotion????? We never question ourselves or our confusions always afraid to stand up in fright of being ridiculed or the usual suffering in silence as the indian culture makes women believe that all we are worth at is being domesticated the very fact that women have earned their mark and position in life earns no respect instead breeds contempt and jealousy......

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Suzette, I am so glad to see your beautiful face here. And what you have written is completely true. Such a hypocrisy. We revere and celebrate the female in the form of a Goddess but not so much in the form of a human being. From the moment a girl is born to her death, she is constantly reminded that her worth is judged by a male presence in her life and not by her individualistic ideals. Sad!

But am happy that you are sharing your emotions . Hope you are finding it easier to navigate now. Very soon, WP will be launching their online campaign, so you can also participate in that. Feel free to mail Delphine or Zoe, as they are amazing, and will always help with any doubt :)

Lots of love to you,

Mukut Ray