Kyrgyzstan or Kirgizia

Svetlana Dmitrieva
Posted April 29, 2010 from Kyrgyzstan

Now Kyrgyzstan stands on the way of changing, what kind of changes will be no one knows. We just hope. I want you point your attention to the name of our country which can be Kyrgyzstan (masculine) and Kirgizia (female)and the female name is not popular here. In different history circles woman in Kyrgyzstan took leading part. Now its next history circle when woman takes leading part even temporary, thought it doesnt save her from the talks about woman participation in politics. Analyzing last two years I can see some positive changing’s in woman leadership for example: Umetalieva (first woman )who took part on the presidential elections or( Otumbaeva) Chair person of temporary government. While working with Election Observers I noticed that men who heard rally were very attentive towards Umetalievas words thought , I think they didn’t vote for her because they couldn`t step over their stereotypes and male self rating. However, the biggest part of Kyrgyz man are still the same, the don’t trust woman and they afraid to trust. Because they know that every Kyrgyz woman has a peace of Kyrmandjan Datka  PS. To know who is who, Please follow the links below

to be continue

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  • Jade Frank
    Apr 30, 2010
    Apr 30, 2010

    Hi Svetlana,

    Thank you for teaching us some important history and culture about your country. The first step towards women's equality in politics is to get them on the ballot - like Umetalieva. Next is getting a woman elected. I hope that someday men can cross that line of thinking and look at the candidates for their ideas and accomplishments, rather than solely based on gender.

    I hope that you will continue to share issues, culture and personal stories of Kyrgyzstan, rather Kirgizia, with us. This is a region we do not hear much from - especially through the eyes of a local woman.

    Warm regards, Jade

    Online Community Manager World Pulse

  • Nusrat Ara
    Apr 30, 2010
    Apr 30, 2010

    A successful democratic government is not possible without the participation of women. I think a successfull society is not possible without the partcipation of women. But as the culture and society is all over thw world we have got to fight for it. The percentage of wome in governments and media are dismal all over the world. And we gotta change that.

    Keep trying.


  • Sunita Basnet
    May 01, 2010
    May 01, 2010

    Hello Svetlana,

    Yes I agree with Jade and Nusrat. we want the equality and freedom so the equality should first come from the governemtn. To be the sucessful government, our issues need to be address in the policy making level and we all have to work to bring the equality.