MANUAL SCAVENGING - An Inhuman Practice of Caste Based Slavery/ Apartheid/ Unaccountability/ Discrimination, Under Evil Caste System of India ;;; ... WHAT ARE THE REAL & PRACTICAL NEEDS, FOR REHABILITATION OF THE POOR BHANGI CASTE (SCAVENGER CASTE OR VALMA CASTE) PEOPLE ENGAGED IN THIS MOST INHUMAN & BACKWARD PROFESSION & FOR ELIMINATION OF THIS PROFESSION ??? this community is mostly illiterate so community had not know about 1. mobile gender courts that prosecute rapist and address impunity in rural areas. 2.initiatives that work with religions leaders to help change violence cultural practices 3. justice centers for domestic violence survives it also not to working in India as in general practice to all casts so in this community how can possible ? but i pursue that the Mobile gender courts help in prosecute of rapist and imprisonment because the women and girls don't have awareness about legal advisory so she had not goes to reports and telling about his abasement so this courts is very important for justify strengthening to women and girls. Also abut religious leaders in the India the religious leader telling about only men brewery story and attractiveness about men and telling about serve to men any how, so it is also must be necessary for women and girls to combat violence . for the justice center the India government open the domestic violence center at district level only it necessary center for domestic violence may be open at gram panchayat levels the women and girls can be approach for the justice and reporting there abasement HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY AND MEDIA illiteracy is make to barricades to use this sources to combat violence so it is necessary women and girls became educated then she use this sources for combat for violence I have com all the idea is required education training skill development for self dependent and strengthening so i want women go to combat against violence it is also must boy also be sensitive about women and girls harassment and go together for combat to against violence


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