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Posted November 16, 2008 from Kenya

dear friends,

i am very moved and inspired to always read your feed backs...you are some how the source of my strength...and God...

as i am writing this i hope and pray that you will receive it in the best way possible..i am in urgent need of finances...

yesterday was my son's 6th birthday and so i took him out to the snake park since thats what he really wanted.as you all know that i have been going through some very difficult times with my husband i decided not to go back...for my own safety and the safety of my children..as i am writing this i am at a friends house with my kids...i decided that instead of us fighting over material things i know and trust that God will provide to us....

i request any one out there willing to help me and my kids financially to please do so...since i know that the friend will also soon become fed up i need to get my own house and a few things..when i did my calculations it was amounting to 1000 dollars.please i beg you all out there willing to help me do not hesitate since my son needs to go back to school and this is really unsteblelizing them so much..which will also make me not concentrate at work...i really really need your help.

you can reach me via cell phone no.254-0721-564263. if you want to send me finances you can use western union.

name:Tabitha Wangari Thuita country:Kenya city:Nairobi secret question?what is my son's name?this i will give to the people willing to help me.

i hope that i settle down soon for the sake of my children.

and i await to hear from you guys URGENTLY.

with lots of love.


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  • Dave Alexander
    Nov 17, 2008
    Nov 17, 2008

    Hello Tabby,

    I hope that your family choice is supported by your community. They are our hope in a world with far too little sometimes. About decade ago I was single-parenting my daughter and out of money. I had quit work to take care of my daughter when her biological mother left she and I. I had used all my savings to be certain that my daughter knew that I loved her and would be there for her, especially through the hard times. It worked, we are a fabulous "daddy/daughter team" as she used to call us.

    I prayed for help and asked my parents for a loan -- they refused. I was shocked. With "credit" like mine any bank would have loaned me money, but not my own family (and they had plenty of it.) It felt like God had forgotten me. But I was not asking in the right places, nor asking correctly. God was teaching me this with His sometimes not-so-gentle hand. I learned to share my story and my vulnerability. I learned to trust and create options. As I went farther and farther into debt it was my close friends, the ones I would never ask for money, that eventually came forward with loans. I trust that your community will support you too. Ask them not for what you need, but if they have something they can offer for your journey.

    My experience is that providence truly moves when we move. You have made the BIG move away from the abusive situation, now you face the LONG move to first survive, then thrive, in your decisions.

    A few years ago my sister found a sign on bulletin board that was seeking a home for a teenager named Alexa -- she was shocked to discover that she knew and loved her when Alexa was ten years old, and that Alexa had been homeless since she was eleven. God brought them together again. Alexa now had a permanent home -- food, shelter, love, and a bit of cash to put her life back together. They developed a plan for Alexa's education and employment, and they made it work.

    I think if you create a plan for how you will care for yourself and your children, one that is consistent with your community values, that resources will flow to you when you also share your story. Alexa had lived in over 15 homes, being largely invisible so they would not kick her out. She had essentially stopped eating, so that she would not be a financial burden. She had a plan the whole time, to get her high school education; then a job; then a life. The plan kept her away from drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity. The plan kept her the tattered fragments of her life together. And providence answered the commitment to her plan and her faith, with my sister. A person she knew loved her, but a person she could not remember when she most needed her.

    People like a plan. They want to believe that whoever or whatever they are supporting is thinking ahead. They want to see a strength and determination in the eyes, a fire in the heart, and a plan for how it is going to work in the crazy world we make. Do you have a plan?

    In Friendship, Dave...

    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

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