HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!I have missed you all so so much and i just wish that i could kiss and hug all of you out there physically...it was a challenging year and patience does the trick...i don't know where to start so much has happened in my life in the last two or so months i just don't know where to start good things though...in December 6th I WENT PUBLIC about my status countrywide i was in the country's daily nation called the Saturday Nation and this just went crazy from that point....my kids are well...my family is still intact....and I just have GOD to thank for all this...

i have seen him do and transform my life so much..i thank the pulse wire family for all there support and i just don't have words..i have met so so so many people that want advice from me and everyday i am just humbled by this experience..the only thing that i pray to the lord is wisdom and more wisdom on how to handle this issues well ...i also ask for knowledge and understanding...this are my greatest amours...

i hope that we will be able to be talking more and more and i also cant wait to hear from you guys Love you so much.


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Hi Tabby,

It's so wonderful to hear your voice again here on PulseWire. We missed you, but were certain that you must be busy doing your important work with the many many HIV+ people that you help and support.

I am so glad to hear that you are well and that your family is well and intact. I am so happy for you in going public to your country and I know that your example will encourage so many others to live healthy, meaningful lives and to join your cause.

I wish you all the best in 2009 and look forward to hearing more about what you've been up to and what is to come!

Warm regards, Jade

Many want your helpHappy New Year Tabby. God is wonderful for giving us yet another New year to His work. It is Not easy but with Gods guidance all will be well. I believe you are going to touch so many people souls, particulary those who have given up in life. Wish you all the best dia.

I am happy to hear your voice after a long time of silence! I wish you all the best this year...lots of positive changes! I am glad too that the going is better for you as you were able to be patient when it was tough!




Hi Tabby,

I am so proud of you!, your courage is an exemplary one. Wishing you more joyous moments in 2009. Really love to be your friend.The sky is the begining for you.


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