Dear all, I have extremely missed you all so much....its been a while and life has moved from one level to another.One thing though that i have been wanting to say to you all is THANK YOU for standing by me and for the encouragements that have seen me to where i am today....i am a better person and have achieved so much.When i look back i cant believe that its been just a few months we say here in Kenya ASANTENI SANA!!!(Thank you all very much)

I would like to contribute to a post by Denise Hughes about ECO the micro finance in Kenya and her visit to the masaai land.Sweety now that is Kenya....there even worse places than those only that people don't have the voice.Now you can imagine a woman in those areas who is living in those conditions and is HIV+ is going through.There is no good nutrition and they can not depend on themselves well financially and most probably are not accessing proper medications and also in this case stigmatized about there status...This is a very hard condition to live in that is why we need more civic education and more and more people to come out i the open about there status but it has to start with us here in the urban we have to set an example for those in the rural to follow.Another example is like we had our second case of a tanker of petroleum exploding and over 50 people burning in the explosion in spite of them witnessing to another tragic explosion in February...this clearly states the rate of poverty in the country and the economic hardships....

We hope that in a few months or years down the line we will witness to major changes....

Forever Tabby.

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Jambo. Tabby, we have not connected before as I recently joined World Pulse but your name has been spoken around the office with reverence and joy. It is a pleasure to meet you and to read your journal.

I recently watched a video of Ory Okolloh telling the story of her life and her family, and how she came to do her heroic work reporting on the members of Kenya's parliament. She reinforced your idea that change has to start with the people, especially the educated. Africa has so much potential and power in its people and the solutions only they can offer. I believe that with leaders such as yourself who grace our PulseWire pages, African has a bright future and can indeed turn around to reveal the riches the continent offers. Poverty, HIV and corruption do exist but Africa is so much more than this and the western world needs to put its money behind the visionaries of the continent, as they are the ones who will effect change and raise Africa up to its full potential.

Bahati njema with all your work. Kipenzi, Janice PulseWire Community Director

Its such a good feeling to know that you made a difference or impact to peoples lives.....i am greatly honored....its been crazy with work though one thing that i have realized is that the higher you go it doesn't necessarily have to be cool actually it gets hotter...that is one of the many lessons that i have learnt in the last few months....dont envy the bible commands but you really dont know what that truelly means unless you are in that particular takes hard and lots o hard work to be on the top seats in an organization and that i can evidently tell you.The reason why i could not write to you guys is becourse work was always so much but i guess i have now got the hung of things around here....i miss you all so much

any updates about my life.....still living positively..ahhh and this you need to know i learnt that i can take a glass or two of wine and this does not affect my medication...can you feel the freedom that i felt?i can now comfortably visit my local pub and have a glass of wine without worry!!!!Hurrey!!!!its freedom.O.k for those that are new i really LIVE POSITIVELY!!!I have been changed on medication to something better and its really making me look good...cant remember the name but should be telling you guys soon so that you can all google it up and cheak it out...My babies are fine...i am more independent and feel good about myself than before... Today im doing a presentation on caring for people living with HIV and i hope that it turns our alright!

thank you once again and good to hear from you.



Tabby, it sounds as if you are not only living positively but abundantly! You always looked good but I am happy to hear that you have new medication that is better for you. It's always an adjustment to switch medications so I am thrilled that this one has not caused problems. Give your babies a hug for us and live life fully. And we will be on the sidelines cheering you on. Big hug, Janice

Hi Tabby,

Welcome back to PulseWire! I was so happy to see your smiling picture in the Voices Rising page here on PulseWire, and then to read your encouraging words and know that you are still well and working hard to educate your community about HIV/AIDS prevention and helping those living with HIV to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. I too hope for positive change for Kenya and the world in the next few years... and it gives me hope to know that such brave and passionate women like you are leading us in that movement.

I know you are a busy woman, so we appreciate your updates and insight. Thanks for sharing!

Love, Jade

It is good to see you posting again and reading of the work you are involved in. I was so curious if the urban areas are becoming more aware and open about it as we all hopes happens. There is so much awareness raised about it on here from all over that you can see the positive changes are happening slowly. It got me to thinking about myself and how I have been more neutral then doing anything positive for them in my own community. So it is true that more needs to be done to raise awareness and get rid of the stigma still attached, even and especially when it is "neutral" since it is more private views and does not help lift the stigmas since it seems to reinforce them a bit which is bad and not intended. But the saying is the worst offenses usually come alongside these 'intentions'.

It is great to see the positive effects of the Eco microfinance and it's combating poverty like that. Lets up hope the positive changes are only months away instead of years!