Dear friends,

i hope that you are all well and that you had wonderful weekends....mine was VERY interesting...i had a presentation on Friday to some of the volunteers coming to our organization from all over the world which went down very well and really enjoyable...

What really captivated me was a facilitation that i did on Saturday to the university students locally...first how i miss campus was fun!i talked to them about HIV issues and i was very open about sex issues in particular,now if you want to captivate students please do not tell them that sex is bad BUT rather there are consequences that come with that e.g unwanted pregnancies,ST D's or the worst HIV...To my surprise they confessed to me that in the campus the reason why most of this students use condoms is not to protect themselves against HIV but to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies...what a shocker though i guess i feel them and know what exactly they mean...i told them the hustles of living with HIV/AIDS and how best to treat PLWHA be it there relatives,friends,parents,siblings or even class mates...we had so much fun and at the end of it all i had a few session one on one with a few students who actually confessed to me about there status or there loved once's status...this is the part that makes me to almost want to cry but according to my counciling class i was taught to always empathize and to never sympathize.This is the part that i practically had to give a shoulder to lean on......i had a wonderful time.Later we did lunch whereby they would ask me questions about dating issues and where in my position i thought were good places and ideas of dating...

The reason why i have decided to give you this this story is becourse i dint know that i could make such impact to the youth and especially in the university.This got me thinking....should i run for a parliamentary seat???

forever Tabby.

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Hi Tabby, It's really nice to 'hear your voice' on Pulse Wire and how you're living life positively and impacting peoples lives. I wish people would be more bold about their status and not feel as though it is a death sentence, i wish the youth would be more careful about their lives. There was an article in a newspaper either yesterday or today (Nation or Standard) about the iniquities that go on in University and especially in hostels. It is really sad to see all that goes on among the youth and I'm really glad that you're reaching out to them with the message. Keep on doing what you do, telling them the truth and i believe there will be a change some day. Most people don't want to talk about behavior change because they probably don't want to lose donor funds but i think its time we advocated for Abstinence and faithfulness, its time we advocate for behavior change.

God bless you and keep you and may He cause your life to count for something each and every day!

Thanks for sharing.


Terry Shiundu

Tabby, I read this post with a smile as we all know how engaging you can be, and I have no doubt that the students would be captivated by you and what you had to say. The question about running for Parliament is best answered by asking yourself what you love most about your work. Is it that you can effect change and transform lives, or is it the one-on-one contact you have with people? To a certain extent, being in a position with government, you can make a significant contribution to the lives of many but lose the opportunity to act autonomously. Change in government is slow and only comes if you have the majority on your side to vote with you, so much relies on your knowledge of the issue and skills in persuasion. Working at the grassroots level, your influence is more localized but you have the immediate satisfaction of witnessing the direct impact you have on people's lives.

Whatever you decide, I know that you will go on to touch many lives for the better. Best wishes, Janice