Dear All,

Its my sincere hope that all has been well while i was away and that everything is turning out to be fine....i have been well and the boys are doing tremendously well too.Oh you just cant believe what baby Warren had to take us through this morning!His nanny had walked out briefly and he actually locked the door right behind her!O.k just to jog your mind Warren is just about to turn two and a half years so efforts to try and make him open up were soo unsuccessful and especially when he saw me he thought that its a game that we were playing of hide and seek right after my journey to the office had to be cut short so that i can go to "aunties" rescue and had to make me get to the office past 10am and also having gone through a debit to my account since we had to get someone and cut down the window grills to enable someone get into the house and unlock the door...lesson learned Warren is never to be taken for granted!

While i have been away so much have really happened to my life both good and may i call it challenging too...most recent is that i met this really nice guy.O.k nice why?He is the kind of a person that one would be tempted to call naive he looked so innocent well i met him though some other friends and we bounded and he really sounded nice and all you know the stage where i curse like "damn HIV"Tony(not his real name)is so perfect in all his ways...he is the kinda guy that most women are looking for o.k at least here in Kenya but all in vain!He is handsome,hardworking,he lives alone,knows how to treat a woman right and to make matters worse he is shy cute is that?Well i had a few dates with Tony and the more that i met him the more that i grew found of thing though that i had promised myself is that not to like likeeeeeeee him since this would bring issues between us after all i knew that it was just a matter of time before someone went like "do you know who you are really hugging out with?" I get most of those looks when i go out and especially in town or hugging joints...its not like they really bother me since I'm used to them but i knew this was we really like grew found of each other but as usual i knew where my limits would have been.As you all know i am a computer freak as they say and got to tell him about that o.k i really wanted to add him to my friends in FB (Face Book) so that we can be chatting online which provoked him to Googled me up and what did he come across?My profile on World Pulse....he immediately called me and inquired what was the deal with World heart almost stopped!O.k there was nothing to hide but it was better had it came direct from know the line that goes like "you really dont know about me....bla bla HIV+ and actually a public figure here in Kenya when it comes to HIV issue"...........

come last Friday we actually met in some local joint but i thought to myself that it was not the appropriate place to discuss such matters and come yesterday he actually got the nerve to ask me like is it really true.....oh yeah as they all say ....that its just a story and the love to blog he couldn't really believe it but i actually confirmed that i was HIV+...i wounder when ones status will ever stop being an issue to people o.k i do understand that there are repercussions and all but hey we also have feelings and being HIV does not permit a bugzed (as some people call HIV+ people) person to stop living you know....

Any way to Tony i say that you are a true gentleman i really liked you and i truly wish you the best in life you really deserve the best.....i really enjoyed myself while it lasted,the feeling of being wanted,respected and regarded made my ego jump a notch higher oh and the midnight

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Dear Tabby

You are a brave woman and just remember you derserve the best.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group)