Mentor Love Letter

Posted November 4, 2010 from United States

Dear Colleen,

An empowerment mentor, I cant believe what wonderful surprises come with this opportunity. I have always been someone elses empowerment coach and I have been asking the universe for my very own. I cant wait to connect with you. We have alot of things in common. For one we do similiar work in that I support the empowerment of social justice organizations and the individuals within it. My work is primarily with young and adult women of color and I love to see women reclaim their power in the mist of the war in their lives. I use myself, my herstory and my journey of self healing as a mirror for the women I work for to see themselves, which means I am in a constant state of transformation and healing, uncovering, unblocking, learning and sharing becuase I cant take someone I have never been. This can be both rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Sometimes , I feel like I cant just be human and sometimes not care or give up or sleep or be irresponsible , or not have integrity or something. LOL

I also have two amazing children Andreayna 19, and Jordan 15 and they need me more now then they ever had. Its a myth it doesnt get easier.LOL

However, thier need has supported me to taking my own life to the next level and support them in seeing the world. sometimes I wish can take them out of school and let the world be thier school, just travel and do volunteer work, build homes, give food, educate, ally, organize, witness and validate how different, how beautiful and how abundant the world is and its people within.

I feel like this opportunity will do just that. i can keep going on forever so I will close with thankyou for taking time to support me and worldpulse. Your not wrong that this truly is my newest journey, I have asked the universe for an opportunity like this just seperatley, I always wanted to be ajournalist and be connected to women globally someway. No i have it all at the same time. I am going to check it off my list.

Talk to you soon. In bold rebirth DEE

Dear Dayanara,

Hello and welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting journey. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be your mentor! My name is Colleen Durkin and I live in Brunswick, Georgia where I run a business called the Empowered Workplace. I help employees and employers to maximize productivity through empowerment. I am also a consultant in diversity. Overall, I help individuals or entire organizations to uncover problems, barriers, or roadblocks, that are keeping them from achieving their full potential. And once we uncover these issues and remove the barriers, I am always amazed at the amount of energy that starts flowing--creativity, productivity, limitless potential! And as you grow, transform, and uncover your limitless potential, it transforms me too.

I have two amazing children, Aidan, 8 and Carri, 9. I love being active, being in nature, and all kinds of writing.

Again, welcome to your newest journey! I look forward to speaking with you very soon!


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