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Rachael Maddock-Hughes

Application Classroom is Live!

I am a retired social worker serving on contracts at the moment. I am a grandmother caring for grandchildren, aged 56 years and suffering from diabetic. I have not allowed the diabetes to take over my life. Instead I have tried to mange it to the extend that I can still carry out my work in communities without any problem.

I love caring for the vulnerable like the orphans, the elderly especially grandmothers who care for their orphaned grandchildren! I feel part and parcel of that type of group of people. I have been able to change the lives of many grandmothers by training them in health issues, HIV and AIDS awareness, prevention and management, project identification, implementation and management, child rights, care and protection. I have given grandmothers knowledge and skills to manage simple household projects of their choice like goat rearing, local poultry keeping, mats/baskets making, piggery etc. They are counselled to understand their situation, accept it and to form themselves into groups for a louder voice when demanding for their rights in their communities. They can now raise their voices when demanding for recognition as the first class child care givers in our African communities. They are always left out in planning of development activities and all the government plans for is the orphans forgetting the grandmothers who care for them unconditionally after their older children succumb to death due to HIV/AIDS! The carry on this responsibility when they are physically frail and without any reliable income. They many times go without meals just to allow their grandchildren eat what is there! Grandmothers are age discriminaged against, and always suffer from stigma.

I have worked with the youth left orphaned by parents who passed away due to HIVand AIDS. They were trained in different vocationsl skills like carpentry, bicycle repair, hair dressing and tailoring. After the training, they were provided with little start up capital to start their IGAs to support their siblings and frail grandparents or guardians.

To-date, I am searching for funding to continue with my community work under an organisation called Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC).

I cannot express how happy I am to be on Pulsewire to share my life with those of you who are doing more greater work than me and therefore learn and experience the togetherness. Together, we can move mountains!!