Oak Grove
Oak Grove

The oak trees in this grove

They know that women gather

They know this is important

They know we always have

They know that when we gather

The world becomes more balanced

When we conspire as women

Allow our thoughts to grow and deepen

Speak our minds as women freely

Open our hearts beyond confinement

Share this life that is within us.

The oak trees shade our meeting

Provide a gentle place for speaking

The trees are old and wise

Having lived through many changes

They have adapted through the years

And can teach us how to do this

And as they shade our meeting

Provide an open space for speaking

We too can feel our wisdom

Draw it in from our surroundings

And like these trees, create protection

Like these trees, conspire to grow

Like these trees, share the life within us

Like these trees, stay strong and confident

In what we know.


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